Sport Rugby League NRL has failed players on extortion bids

NRL has failed players on extortion bids

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Sydney Roosters coach Trent Robinson has accused the NRL and the players’ association of failing to act to protect players from abuses of privacy and potential extortion attempts.

Robinson on Sunday called on the game’s governing body and the RLPA to step in to prevent proliferation of further incidents after videos of Parramatta’s Corey Norman and an unnamed Brisbane player were offered for sale to media outlets last week.

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He believed the two bodies had not done enough to discourage such actions when the humiliating footage of Roosters halfback Mitchell Pearce with a dog was aired on television news in January.

He suggested legal action should have been taken.

corey norman
Corey Norman has been at the centre of a video drama. Photo: AAP

“The NRL needs to step in and they need to make it public that you are not allowed to sell these on and we will go after the individuals that do this and that is protecting the players,” Robinson said.

“They had an opportunity at the start of the year and they didn’t do this, so the Players’ Association didn’t do it either.

“It is important to get on this pretty quickly … otherwise it is going to continue.”

Pearce copped an eight-game suspension and a $125,000 fine agreed by the NRL and his club over the dog video.

Robinson was watching with interest to see what further action was taken against Norman.

He was stood down from this weekend’s game pending a meeting with Parramatta officials after incurring a drug possession conviction last week and after two videos were made public.

One of the videos was reportedly of Norman engaged in a sex act and the second shared by Norman was of a man appearing to take drugs.

There is no suggestion Norman did anything illegal in the videos.

“We (the Roosters) are interested, not about Corey Norman, not about anybody else we are hearing about at the moment, we are interested about did they get it right and if that is the standard then the punishment should fit around Mitchell Pearce’s,” Robinson said.

“There was two points (with Pearce). There was the incident and there was the use of filming that was also very important at that time. They decided to deal with the incident and not deal with that. Now we are having cases where people are trying to sell film to outlets.

“The NRL had a choice back then to stamp that out, they decided not to deal with it and now they are coming up with more cases.

“They have to make sure they lead the way in this and protect their players.

“They didn’t back in Mitchell Pearce’s incident and they need to now.”

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