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Greyhound trainers jailed

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Two greyhound trainers will spend time behind bars for animal cruelty, while a third has been given a suspended sentence.

The three men were caught up in the live baiting scandal, as revealed on ABC’s Four Corners.

Greyhound trainer John Cauchi has been sentenced to 18 months, with a 12-month non-parole period.

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Four Corners
John Cauchi will spend at least one year behind bars for animal cruelty. Photo: Four Corners

Cauchi was the licensed manager of the Boxhill Trial Track in western Sydney and pleaded guilty to using rabbits as lures to “blood” greyhounds.

He was captured on cameras using a rabbit on a leash to entice and excite a greyhound he was breaking in.

John and his brother Tony Cauchi pleaded guilty to a combined 15 counts of serious animal cruelty and live baiting offences.

Tony was also sentenced to 18 months in prison, but his sentence was suspended due to his intellectual impairment.

Trainer Ian Morgan behind bars for live baiting using possum

Meanwhile, Telopea trainer Ian Morgan, 58, was sentenced to 12 months in jail after pleading guilty to an act of animal cruelty.

Ian Morgan will be eligible for parole in nine months. Photo: ABC

He was captured on hidden cameras in January using a live possum on a lure to train one of his dogs, Cee Cee Quoted.

Cameras filmed Mr Morgan delivering the possum to the Londonderry property of Zeke Kadir, a figure who is well known in the industry for breaking in inexperienced dogs.

Morgan was seen releasing the possum from a cage in his car and giving it to Mr Kadir to be tied down and killed.

Magistrate Fiona Toose said a custodial sentence was required due to the cruelty and suffering inflicted on the possum.

Morgan will be eligible for parole in nine months.

All three men were banned from having contact with animals for 20 years.


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