Sport Other Sports Ouch! Woman floored by rogue foul ball

Ouch! Woman floored by rogue foul ball

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An unlucky woman returning to her seat at a baseball game in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has hit the deck after a foul ball hit her square in the head.

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While there is a protective net that is meant to protect the crowd, the force of the ball pushed the net back far enough to hit the woman as she walked along the front row of the stands.

The Chicago Cubs v Pittsburgh Pirates game was held up for more than 20 minutes while medical professionals attended to the woman after she was knocked unconscious by Starlin Castro’s foul ball.

Meanwhile, in an earlier Chicago Cubs game, pitcher Jon Lester was hailed a hero when he threw his entire glove at first base after the ball became lodged in it.

The quick-thinking left-hander was able to help get the out for his team, however they still ended up losing the game 5-2 to San Diego Padres.

Props to the first baseman Anthony Rizzo for dropping his glove to make the catch easier.

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