Sport Other Sports Sochi snow-it-all: Day 13

Sochi snow-it-all: Day 13

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The Olympian who cried wolf

…And meant it! US luger Kate Hansen got a shock when she spotted a wolf wandering around the corridor outside her accommodation.

While many are guessing it’s merely a dog, the pup does bear striking similarities to a grey wolf, which is common in Russia.

Bieber battle

The men’s hockey semifinal between the USA and Canada will take place in Sochi today and the pressure to win has just increased tenfold. A billboard in Illinois has found a way to raise the stakes by threatening the losing side with popstar Justin Bieber. Bieber is Canadian but lives in the US and his recent antics have prompted many Americans to call for his deportation – looks like today’s match could be the decider.

 Moustache madness

filipflisarContinuing the trend of outrageous facial hair started by Australian skier Anton Grimus, here’s Slovenian freestyle skier Filip Flisar with a moustache that could outshine even Tom Selleck or that guy from Mythbusters.

Fan watch

If you’re committed enough to fly to Sochi (not exactly a hot tourist spot) then you’re already a true fan. But these lean, mean cheering machines raise the bar even higher with their eccentric costumes and dramatic emotional reactions.

Japan really loves figure skater Kanako Murakami:

japanfanWhile these Russian fans have adopted slightly more traditional garb:

russianfan This Canadian woman looks traumatised by the men’s curling:

canadafanAnd this Swedish fan does her best impression of Batman‘s the joker:

swedenfanThese German fans seem to think Dumbledore is competing:

germanfanWhile this US supporter is a master of disguise:

usfan2This Canadian woman gets up close and personal (and her friend on the right does not approve):

canadafan2And the award for cutest fan ever goes to:

cuterussianfanThis gentleman knows how to accessorise:

earringsfanWho said all the star-spotting in Sochi took place in the races? Here we have Jason Voorhees, the terrifying killer from Friday the 13th. Run for your lives.

freddyfanHoly hat. On a scale of one to furious, how annoyed would you be if you had to sit behind this fan?

hatfanAnd then there’s this guy. We are not really sure who he’s cheering for but his wig is worthy of American Hustle.