Sport Other Sports Sochi snow-it-all: Day 11

Sochi snow-it-all: Day 11

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Tinder love and devotion

You put a large number of fit, young, attractive, talented people in one place and there is bound to be some sexual tension. According to The Australian, all the romantic action at the Winter Olympics is happening not in the dubious living quarters of Sochi but rather on dating app Tinder, which experienced a 400 per cent increase of day-to-day users in Sochi since the games started.

US women’s snowboard gold medalist Jamie Anderson told the paper that “Tinder in the Olympic village is the next level. It’s all athletes. There are some cuties on there.”

Meanwhile, US skier Gus Kentworthy admitted that checking Tinder was “the first thing people did when we got to the village.”

Some clever folks tracked down the most-liked profiles on the dating app and they turned up some interesting results, including Australia’s own silver medalist David Morris. Take a look at the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes of Sochi:

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It’s not what’s missing…

When the world’s finest sportspeople head home from Sochi and the 2014 Winter Olympics are all over, incredibly talented paralympians from across the globe will only just be warming up.

To get the public excited for an event that is equally, if not more, mindblowing, the Canadian Paralympic Committee has released a powerful ad to push the message that it’s not about what’s missing, but what’s there. Prepare to be inspired.


In what is possibly the best Twitter hashtag of the Games (aside from the classic that is #SochiFail) people have been sharing their witty, hilarious and sometimes wildly inappropriate #SochiPickUpLines suggestions.

That last one is in reference to the first ever #SochiFail at the Opening Ceremony – the fifth Olympic ring spectacularly failing to light up: