Sport Other Sports Sochi snow-it-all: Day 10

Sochi snow-it-all: Day 10

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Cheshire stack

Young British halfpipe skier Rowan Cheshire took a tumble during her practice session yesterday and the results weren’t pretty. The 18 year-old sustained some pretty serious facial injuries, posting a selfie on her Twitter account which revealed a swollen, bloody nose and various cuts and bruises. It is unclear whether Cheshire will be able to compete in her event on Thursday, after the fall knocked her unconscious and earned her a night in hospital.

The Costas of bad hygiene


Much to the delight of Twitter, NBC Olympic host Bob Costas returned to primetime last night after a nasty eye infection kept him off television for six days.

Costas, who has been covering the Olympics since 1988, appeared on the first night of the Games with red, watery eyes, explaining to audiences that an eye infection was forcing him to wear strange glasses. While he soldiered on for two days, when he went on air last Monday it was clear things weren’t getting any better and Costas was forced to hand over hosting duties to Matt Lauer.

In typical fashion, the internet population was cruel, accusing the television personality of ignoring warnings to avoid Sochi water and making memes out of screenshots of his face. Regardless of the ridicule, Costas returned in good humour with two functioning eyes.

Disney on ice

Meryl Davis and Charlie White made history today by winning America’s first ever Olympic gold in ice dancing. The pairing, 27 and 26 respectively, won a combined 195.52 points, and a world record-breaking 116.63 points for their free dance routine.

But social media quickly moved on from the couple’s win when they realised that Davis and White look scarily similar to a Disney princess and prince.

The young Olympians’ mothers, nicknamed “The Moms” on the ice dance circuit, are also getting a lot of attention, after they appeared in a popular Proctor & Gamble campaign called “Raising an Olympian”. Cheryl Davis and Jacqui White are inseparable, have never missed a competition and were right by their kids’ sides when they received their amazing score.

You can watch the campaign video below: