Sport Other Sports Snow-it-all: All the gossip and humour from Sochi

Snow-it-all: All the gossip and humour from Sochi

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Before we begin dissecting the day’s events in Sochi, it is important to have a look back at our own country’s Olympic history. Just like that time speed skater Steven Bradbury won our first gold medal in the 2002 games because everyone else in the race fell over. You can’t watch this often enough. Bradbury couldn’t quite believe it and his winning reaction remains one of our favourite Olympic moments to this day.

Pull your pants up!

To the frustration of mothers everywhere, Swedish slopestyle skier Henrik Harlaut began his race in the men’s heats with his pants already at a dangerously low position on his hips. As he landed his final jump, an impressive move called a ‘switch unnatural double cork 1080’, his pants slipped to his knees, revealing blue patterned underwear.

The chilled-out Olympian, who has a head full of dreadlocks, didn’t seem phased by his wardrobe malfunction.



Sochi from the sky

Despite reports of horrible accomodation, slushy snow and dubious preparation techniques (killing stray dogs, for example), Sochi sure does look fantastic at night.

This photo, originally posted on flickr, shows the view of Sochi during the Winter Olympics from the International Space Station. The bright circular structure is where the Opening Ceremony was held.


Star Wars hits the slopes

Taking a fall during a crucial race isn’t fun. Athletes who have trained for 12 months or more often fall to pieces over a simple stumble. A clever internet user has created a gif that at least makes a recent the moguls competition and some of the wipeouts look slightly more epic. Perhaps next time a skier or snowboarder topples over they can blame it on attacking droids.