Sport Other Sports Sochi snow-it-all: Day three

Sochi snow-it-all: Day three

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Luge yourself in the music

US luger Kate Hansen prepares for a race in a way befitting her 21 years: she has a Beyonce dance party. The young star has some serious moves and can pop and lock it like it’s no one’s business. A silly NBC commentator made the mistake of dissing Hansen’s warm-up method for not being “sports specific” enough, and had to face the wrath of Twitter.

Save the puppies!


A serious lowlight of the Sochi games and a point of great global contention has been the mass culling of stray dogs on the streets. It has been reported that the Russian authorities have been rounding up the pups to shoot them in order to clear streets for the enjoyment of visiting Olympians and spectators.

Well, some dogs are now safe thanks to the kindness of one of Russia’s richest men, Oleg Deripaska. Deripaska, an energy and manufacturing tycoon who also funded the majority of the games, has built a makeshift shelter for the animals and saved an estimated 150 dogs so far.


Quinn the destroyer

American bobsledder Johnny Quinn appears to have portal problems. Quinn’s hotel room door got stuck over the weekend and, having no phone to call someone for help, he was forced to bust open the door with his bare hands.

Today, the Olympian once again had to face the wrath of a stubborn entryway, getting stuck in an elevator with some of his US teammates. Not sure if he’s capable of busting through metal, but we wouldn’t put it past him.

His talent for breaking through barriers has earned him and his fellow Americans a new theme song:


Canada have won the prize for most brilliant Olympic innovation for their creation, a passport-operated  beer fridge. All you have to do to activate the fridge, which is located in Canada’s Olympic house, is swipe your passport and it dispenses free bottles of Molson beer. Only Canadian passports work though, so people from other countries can only look on in envy.