Sport Olympics ‘Too popular’: Overwhelming support for Olympians in quarantine

‘Too popular’: Overwhelming support for Olympians in quarantine

Riley Day was excited about sprinting in Tokyo, but her hotel room haul is also impressive. Photo: Instagram
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After keeping millions of locked down Australians entertained for a couple of weeks, support and appreciation for the nation’s top athletes is running high.

The Australian Olympic Team made the country proud in Tokyo – with records smashed and a whopping 17 gold medals matching our equal best Olympic haul.

Some Aussies have been so impressed by the performance of the green and gold they have decided to show their love by sending gifts – so many gifts – to athletes in hotel quarantine.

Australian boxer Skye Nicolson, disappointed that she hadn’t won gold in Japan, was in need of a little love from her supporters while isolated.

So, she sent out a jovial message on social media with her hotel and room number, requesting snacks for her 14-day mandatory quarantine period.

And her fans and followers did not hold back. Nicolson was soon inundated with packages – admitting the hotel quarantine reception had been a little overwhelmed.

She has been receiving food of all kinds, as well as gifts from brands who are not shy to be tagged in her Instagram stories.

Sprinter Riley Day sent out a similar message from the same Brisbane hotel, but the sheer quantity of products she received caused total chaos.

Day’s Instagram story has been brimming with videos and photos thanking her supporters for their generosity.

Her haul has included bottles of wine, skincare, copious amounts of food and flowers and even an adopted keep cup called ‘Beany’.

But the gifts were arriving at such a breakneck pace that she was asked to put a stop to it.

“I really appreciate everyone’s generosity and you mean the world to me! But I’ll have to ask everyone to kindly stop sending me things because the people downstairs are super busy helping us quarantine safely,” Day wrote on Instagram.

Just ‘too popular’

Nicolson told News the pair had spoken about the packages and revealed why Day had been asked to slow her roll.

“Riley actually got a call from the officers downstairs, requesting her to take the [Instagram] story down [asking for deliveries] because of how many deliveries she was getting,” Nicolson said.

Reasoning that her own pile of prezzies had been more reserved than her fellow athlete, Nicolson revelled in the fact she had not been asked to stop getting deliveries.

She said she told her friend: “You’re too popular!”

Boxer Skye Nicolson didn’t win gold, but she’ll go home with a haul. Photo: Instagram

Decathlon bronze medallist Ashley Moloney told the ABC on Friday morning he had experienced a similar outpouring of love – and presents.

“Quarantine has been fun. But… I’m only on day three or four. Starting to lose count already,” Moloney said.

“It’s been fun because I’ve gotten a lot of love and support. I’ve got a few deliveries from random people, that’s been incredible that would happen. I never would have thought that would happen to me.”

It comes amid calls from the Australian Olympic Committee to allow South Australian athletes to skip a second round of quarantine.

The SA government has refused to budge on the mandate, with 16 Olympians required to spend another fortnight isolating at home after they are released from hotel quarantine in Sydney.