Sport Motorsport ‘Did they take their top off?’: Daniel Ricciardo’s awkward interview

‘Did they take their top off?’: Daniel Ricciardo’s awkward interview

Daniel Ricciardo is leaving Red Bull Photo: Getty
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Australian Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo set tongues wagging with an awkward television interview following the Italian Grand Prix.

The Red Bull driver started from 16th position in Monza after receiving a grid penalty for making power unit and gearbox changes in qualifying, but stormed through the field in an excellent display of driving.

After a series of thrilling overtakes, Ricciardo eventually finished fourth as Lewis Hamilton posted his sixth win of 2017.

But it was Ricciardo’s bizarre comments to Sky Sports journalist Natalie Pinkham that raised eyebrows following the race.

When told by Pinkham that “our commentators were getting really excited” as he continued to overtake his rivals, Ricciardo curiously responded with: “I hope so. Did they take their top off?”

A bemused Pinkham responded with: “Let’s hope not.”

Ricciardo then added: “Pop a few buttons?”

Pinkham, who was quick to change the subject, said: “Maybe. Maybe. Maybe,” before going on to ask about the passing move that saw Ricciardo get past Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen.

It wasn’t the first time Ricciardo and Pinkham have shared an interesting interview together.

The pair, who appear to be friends, were conducting a poolside interview before May’s Monaco Grand Prix when Ricciardo asked Pinkham for her hand.

The Aussie then threw the reporter in the pool before telling cameras: “That’s for last year. Get out of my face.”

Ricciardo and Pinkham did share a hug and a laugh after the incident.

The 28-year-old is known for his wacky sense of humour and ‘shoey’ celebrations on the Formula One circuit.

He is enjoying an impressive season, recording five successive podium finishes – and a win – earlier this year.

Ricciardo is a long way back from Hamilton in the driver standings, though, sitting fourth with 144 points.

Hamilton (238) tops the standings, ahead of Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel (235) and Valtteri Bottas (197).

A further seven events remain in the 2017 season, meaning Ricciardo can still win the world title.

But a top-three finish is a more likely prospect for Ricciardo, who finished third in the driver standings in both 2014 and 2016.

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