Sport Motorsport ‘Where’s the tyres?’: new video of nightmare pitstop

‘Where’s the tyres?’: new video of nightmare pitstop

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New official Formula 1 footage has emerged of Daniel Ricciardo’s shambolic pit stop at the Monaco Grand Prix, confirming the confusion that cost the Aussie a probable win.

One of the pit crew is heard to say “where are the tyres”, shortly before pit crew members turn up with the new tyres in what turned out to be a nightmare stop for the Red Bull team.

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Watch the new footage here:

Why the Red Bull team called Ricciardo in to the pits when they didn’t have the tyres ready has perplexed motorsports fans over the past few days, not to mention Ricciardo himself.

“Don’t know and right now I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to hear anything,” Ricciardo told reporters. “I want to get out of here to be honest.”

“The tyres should have been ready. It hurts, it really hurts.

“Two weeks in a row I have been screwed. It sucks. I didn’t make the call. I got called, so they should have been ready. It hurts … I felt I was quickest all weekend in all conditions.”

Red Bull team boss Helmut Marko blamed a miscommunication between the team strategists and the garage, saying, “It was a human mistake.”