Sport MMA UFC Brisbane results: Hunt, Bigfoot in majority draw

UFC Brisbane results: Hunt, Bigfoot in majority draw

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4.24pm: Mark Hunt thanks the fans and introduces the world to his son as he takes in a majority draw. It’ll be interesting to see the judges’ scorecards to see the breakdown … one judge gave Hunt a 48-47 decision, while two others saw it 47-47. 

Bigfoot says he injured his back during the fight, and thanks the fans and his family.

Not sure where a majority draw leaves either fighter, to be honest! Surely Hunt is now going to be afforded a top 10 ranking in the heavyweight division, while it’s a case of treading water for no.4 Silva (who’ll move up sooner or later, you’d think, with Daniel Cormier moving to the light heavyweight division to fight his good friend, Rashad Evans).

We’ll bring you a full wrap up of all the breaking news out of UFC Fight Night: Hunt vs Bigfoot tomorrow. Thanks for joining us!

Official result: Mark Hunt and Antonio Silva share a majority draw (48-47 Hunt, 47-47, 47-47)

4.16pm: Round 5 (heavyweight), Mark Hunt vs Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva

All I can say is … what a fight. Here we go in Round 5. Good luck to both boys.

They hug as they begin the round. Hunt opens with a left and a right that rocks Silva! Another combination and Silva is staggered!  Another big right hand and Bigfoot looks like he’s on empty. Hunt stuffs a takedown attempt, but eats a knee to the head. A huge elbow from Hunt is blocked, but Silva is bloodied up. How are they still standing! Three consecutive lefts from Hunt land right on Silva’s jaw. Hunt stuffs another takedown attempt. Lands a right. Lands a left. Another. Another. Another. Now a combination. An elbow. Bigfoot just refuses to go down!

There are less than three minutes left in the round. The referee stops the fight to look at the cut on Silva’s head. That was lucky for Silva … he was out on his feet … and he still is as the fight resumes! Surely one punch will finish this for Hunt. Nice right jab from Hunt. An elbow and a left hook. I’ve just become a massive Bigfoot fan. He’s ridiculously tough.

Bigfoot tries for a takedown, but he’s too fatigued to even get his arms around Hunt’s waist. Both men trade combinations, and now Hunt is basically letting Bigfoot land unanswered blows up against the cage!

They separate. Hunt lands a left. Back to the clinch on the cage with 55 seconds left in the fight. Not only is this fight of the night, it’s fight of the year for mine. Silva lands a knee, Hunt’s trying to land the knockout blow from the inside. 15 seconds left. We’re somehow going to go the distance.

This was a war that we’ll talk about for years to come.

Prediction: Bigfoot 48-47

4.09pm: Round 4 (heavyweight), Mark Hunt vs Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva

This is the first time Mark Hunt has been in a fourth round in the UFC. Most would have predicted he’d be disadvantaged by that, but Hunt looks to be finishing stronger. Hunt lands a good combination and they clinch. Bigfoot lands a nice right hand as they separate, then a legkick. Hunt goes for the double, and takes down the big man! Wow! Great work. 3:30 left in Round 4 and Hunt gets to work.

Hunt postures up, throws a good right and Bigfoot attempts an armbar. Can’t get it. Hunt gets back to the ground and pound, landing good right hands and short elbows. Bigfoot manages to scramble back to his feet and they separate.

Just 2:30 left in the round. Hunt throw a massive elbow and Bigfoot is hurt … but Bigfoot battles back and lands a massive combination! Now Bigfoot is landing huge lefts and rights and Hunt is in trouble! Bigfoot gets the takedown and lands good elbows. This is danger time for Hunt. Can he survive? He looks exhausted.

Hunt tries to escape, but Bigfoot moves into mount and now he’s pounding Hunt from full mount. This is almost over … you can see the referee debating whether to stop it. Hunt just avoids a massive right hand … he’ll survive the round, but has he got anything left? We’re going to a fifth and final round!

Prediction: Silva 39-37

4.03pm: Round 3 (heavyweight), Mark Hunt vs Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva

Good combination for Hunt to open the round. Bigfoot throws a legkick and Hunt gets the takedown! There’s a shock. Bigfoot scrambles back to his feet. They separate.

Hunt’s looking for an opportunity to throw that big left hand. Bigfoot initiates the clinch, attempts the takedown, but Hunt stuffs it and powers away. Another leg kick by Bigfoot halts Hunt for a moment. Hunt is starting to breathe heavy now, but he’s moving forward. Hunt lands a good uppercut, but Silva hardly seems to notice it! They’re back in the clinch, and there’s just 2:31 left in the round. Hunt lands a big right hand, then a huge straight right and Bigfoot is down!

Bigfoot trying to survive in the guard as Hunt tries to finish this with ground and pound. Good short elbows. Bigfoot is cut, and he’s hurt … and the crowd is going ballistic! Can he get the job done?

Bigfoot is defending well and Hunt has to get busy. Right hands to the head. More right hands. Another. Another. Bigfoot is okay at the moment, but surely one big shot just about ends this. Hammer fists to the face. Bigfoot is tring to get out of there. Hunt pushes him back down as Bigfoot covers up. Round four is going to be interesting. Can Silva survive!

Prediction: Silva 29-28

3.57pm: Round 2 (heavyweight), Mark Hunt vs Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva

Hunt presses forward immediately in Round 2. He wears a leg kick, but follows it up with a nice combination that has Bigfoot backpedalling. Another good leg kick by Bigfoot, then a front kick. Hunt’s just not able to get inside at the moment. Bigfoot rushes forward, throws a combination and for a moment, it looks like the takedown is on. But Hunt’s able to dodge. 3:40 left.

Bigfoot throws probably the worst attempt at a wheel kick you’ve ever seen and Hunt avoids it with a quick step to his left. A big right hand backs up Silva with 2:20 left in the round, and Silva certainly felt that one! Hunt lands a good leg kick of his own, then follows up with a right. Bigfoot answers with a leg kick.

There’s 1:30 left in Roud 2. This is a close fight. Hunt lands a terrific body kick … shades of the Super Samoan’s K1 days! Bigfoot allowing Hunt to own the centre of the Octagon. Hunt blocks an attempted body kick, then lands a left hook which is partially blocked.

Less than a minute left now and Bigfoot lands a leg kick that hurts Hunt! His leg is hurt … not sure if it’s the knee, of the calf, but he’s in pain. He’s had to switch to the southpaw stance. That might be enough for Bigfoot to take the round.

Prediction: Bigfoot 20-18

3.51pm: Round 1 (heavyweight), Mark Hunt vs Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva

Cautious start by both fighters as they measure up each other in the centre of the Octagon. Bigfoot misses with a front kick, but lands a leg kick. Hunt is stalking, looking for an opportunity to explode. Bigfoot lands another leg kick. Hunt charges in … just misses with a big right hook! 3:35 left in Round 1.

Another front kick by Bigfoot, who’s doing a good job keeping Hunt at a distance. Hunt presses forward, but a left and a right are blocked. Bigfoot lands a short right hand and Hunt goes down! Hunt scrambles back to his feet, he’s okay. That was a big moment, but Hunt was able to get out of a dangerous spot.

Hunt lands a leg kick with 1:40 left in the round. Bigfoot lands a good front kick which actually became a knee, then lands a right hand. Hunt tries a leg kick, misses. Hunt jabs with the left, then throws a big right, but Bigfoot takes it well. Bigfoot attempts the takedown, but Hunt’s awake to it. They clinch and Hunt swings Bigfoot onto the cage. They separate.

Tense opening round. Bigfoot lands a kick to the body. He shades it.

Prediction: Bigfoot 10-9

3.50pm: Almost ready to go! Referee Steve Percival gets a boo as he’s introduced. The fans still haven’t forgotten that Richie Vaculik stoppage! Bigfoot looks his usual scary self. Mark Hunt looks his usual pensive self. He nods his head nervously as he’s introduced, then waves to the crowd. The fans go wild! Let’s do this.

3.11pm: The main event is next … the ‘Super Samoan’ Mark Hunt up against no.4 rated heavyweight Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva.

Bigfoot stands 6’4″ tall to Mark Hunt’s 5’10”, but they’re almost identical in weight, with Silva at 264lb and Hunt at 262lb. Silva is a $1.67 favourite to Hunt’s $2.30 … but that’s no shock. Hunt’s been an underdog in every fight he’s had in the UFC!

A little bit of a delay, considering how quickly the Shogun vs Te Huna fight ended. Expect the big boys to be out there in the next 15-20 minutes.

Don't worry ... he missed. Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua just after he landed the decisive knock-out blow against James Te Huna in their UFC light heavyweight clash in Brisbane. This follow-up punch missed the mark, thankfully.
Don’t worry … he missed. Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua just after he landed the decisive knock-out blow against James Te Huna in their UFC light heavyweight clash in Brisbane. This follow-up punch missed the mark, thankfully.

3.03pm: Round 1 (light heavyweight), Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua vs James Te Huna

Shogun lands an early left and right, and then eats a leg kick. And other leg kick. Te Huna rushes forward and Shogun lands a left. Te Huna shakes it off. He moves forward again and NOOOO! Te Huna is knocked out COLD with a short, sharp left hook that lands right on the chin after Te Huna attempted an uppercut. Te Huna’s legs simply crumpled and thankfully, Shogun’s follow-up punch didn’t find its mark.

Three words. SHOGUN IS BACK.

Tough luck for Te Huna. He went down swinging.

Mark Hunt’s going to have his work cut out to beat that for knock-out of the night! I hope he does, though.

Official result: Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua defeated James Te Huna via KO (punch) at 1:03 of  Round 1

2.50pm: Now we move to a huge opportunity for Penrith-based Kiwi James Te Huna (16-6), who faces former UFC light heavyweight champion Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (21-8).

Te Huna was submitted by Glover Teixeira in his most recent bout, but there’s no shame in that … Teixeira will take on Jon Jones for the light heavyweight title early next year. For Te Huna, victory will no doubt put him right in contention for a top 10 ranking.

For Shogun, this bout is just as vital. He’s lost his past three fights, and many critics have already written him off as a force in the UFC’s light heavyweight division. Victory over a strong knock-out artist like Te Huna will get him right back in the frame for another run at the title.

2.48pm: Ryan Bader gets the win and admits his right hand was injured in the first round.

“No excuses, he’s frickin’ tough,” Bader said.

“We got it done … I stayed patient, I didn’t get the knock-out but we worked out what we need to get done.”

Kenny Florian describes Bader’s performance as “non-stop violence”. That’s pretty fair!

Official result (light heavyweight): Ryan Bader defeats Anthony Perosh via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)

2.39pm: Round 3 (light heavyweight), Ryan Bader vs Anthony Perosh

Third verse, same as the second. Perosh charges forward in a blitz attack, only to be taken down by Bader and he’s again copping massive elbows from the American. Tries to get back to his feet, but Bader puts him straight back on his butt. Now in side control and Bader is continuing to do as he pleases. 3:25 left in the fight.

Bader still in side control, and he’s just picking his shots with Perosh unable to do anything except limit the damage. The Aussie again struggles to try to get to his feet … he’s almost there … he’s there! But Bader has his back and he takes him straight back down. He lands some huge ground and pound as the crowd groans in sympathy for Perosh.

There’s just 90 seconds left in the round and the mat is soaked in Perosh’s blood. He’s hurt badly, yet he’s still trying to finish the fight. Great heart. The referee calls for Bader to stay busy with a minute left … Bader’s got to be tired, given how many shots he’s landed. He moves into full mount, but Perosh escapes. Bader lands more elbows. This could be a 10-7 round! My God.

Mercifully, the siren sounds. Perosh wipes the blood from his nose as Bader wipes Perosh’s blood from his gloves. Bader’s back in the winner’s books and Perosh will be sore for weeks.

Prediction: Bader 30-26

2.32pm: Round 2 (light heavyweight), Ryan Bader vs Anthony Perosh

You’ve got to love a supportive corner. Perosh’s trainer tells his charge that that was a “warm-up” round. If that was a warm-up, I’m glad I don’t do that much exercise.

Bader gets an early takedown in Round 2 and Perosh is again on his back. Moves into side control with 3:58 left in the round. Lands more short elbows … they’re not devastating in their own right, but boy do they add up. Perosh pushes up against the cage and tries to get to his feet … he can’t do it. Now Bader is on his feet and he lands a big, BIG left. It just looks a matter of time now for Bader, with Perosh taking punishment by the bucketload.

Big elbows to the body now as Bader continues to control things with 1:45 left in the round. Perosh gets to his side and Bader simply starts to pound the head with elbows. This is pretty ugly to watch and you’ve got to ask how much longer this can go on. Perosh is taking a beating. He survives and we’ll see a third round … whether Perosh likes it or not.

Prediction: Bader 20-18

Ryan Bader (left) lands a hard left to the chin of Anthony Perosh during their UFC light heavyweight bout in Brisbane.
Ryan Bader (left) lands a hard left to the chin of Anthony Perosh during their UFC light heavyweight bout in Brisbane.

2.27pm: Round 1 (light heavyweight), Ryan Bader vs Anthony Perosh

Bader opens up strong in Round 1, pushing forward and landing good combinations. He gets the takedown, but Perosh i s able to get out of it. He wore some decent ground and pound in the process, though. Bader lands another good combination, plus a good uppercut, and Perosh looks in trouble. He somehow gets out of harm’s way, but Bader’s striking looks like it’s on a different level.

Perosh attempts a takedown, but Bader stuffs it and jumps all over a fallen Perosh. More vicious ground and pound and I can’t really believe Perosh is still awake! How tought is the 41-year-old? Up against the cage, and Perosh is able to get back to his feet. They’re back to the centre of the Octagon with 1:15 left in Round 1.

Perosh charges forward with a blitz attack, but Bader skips away. They clinch, and again Bader takes Perosh to the ground. A big left elbow is landed by Bader and Perosh is bloeeding heavily. Another brutal short elbow from Bader. And another. That’s a big round for Bader, almost a 10-8. I’ll give Perosh the benefit of the doubt.

Prediction: Bader 10-9

2.24pm: We move to the light heavyweight division now, with perennial contender and former The Ultimate Fighter star Ryan Bader (15-4) taking on Australian veteran Anthony Perosh (14-7).

Bader is lookng to make a statement that will get him back into title contention, while 41-year-old Perosh is again looking to shock the world after doing so with a quick KO victory over Vinnie Magalhaes in his most recent bout.

2.18pm: “This is one for Australia!” is the only comment offered by Soa Palelei during his post-fight interview with Jon Anik. Oh, that and an “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie” and an invitation for fans to buy his boots. Maybe we’ll see if we can get him on the phone and get an interview for The New Daily?


KO king ... Soa Palelei knocks out Pat Barry in their UFC heavyweight bout in Brisbane.
KO king … Soa Palelei knocks out Pat Barry in their UFC heavyweight bout in Brisbane.

2.11pm: Round 1 (heavyweight), Soa Palelei vs Pat Barry

Palelei initiates the clinch immediately, and they’re up against the cage, but Barry gets underhooks quickly and pushes him off. Barry looks for the leg kick, then the high kick … both miss as Palelei stalks on the outside. Barry throw a knee, but that just allows Palelei to catch it and get the takedown. Good work by the Aussie!

Barry defending in half-guard and looking for a kimura. He can’t get it, and Palelei’s in a strong position on top, landing lefts to the body. Barry again goes for the kimura but Barry moves into full mount. He’s Hulk-smashing! Barry is out and Palelei has won this fight by KO! What a terrific performance from the Aussie! Pat Barry is in awful trouble, he was out cold.

Looking at the replay, and you can see that Palelei had Barry’s left arm trapped in his full mount, leaving him virtually defenseless as Palelei threw down some scary punches from top position.

That’s exactly what Palelei needed … he’s now 2-0 in the UFC.

Official result: Soa Palelei defeats Pat Barry via KO (punches) at 2:09 of Round 1

2.00pm: Next up, it’s Aussie heavyweight Soa Palelei (19-3) up against hard-hitting American Pat Barry (8-6).

This is a really important fight for Palelei, who won his UFC debut against Nikita Krylov in Milwaukee in August, but lost a bit of stock in the process. It was a stinker of a fight, Palelei winning via TKO late in Round 3, with both fighters looking very tired. He needs a big knock-out win to impress the UFC’s hierarchy.

Prediction: Someone is getting knocked out. Quickly.

1.54pm: That’s it … the doctor has called a stoppage to this fight, with Dylan Andrews suffering a dislocated shoulder. Andrews wanted to continue, but the doctor wouldn’t allow it. That’s terrible luck for Andrews, but you can see how much pain he’s in. His arm is hanging at a horrid angle.

The two fighters embrace … they’re good friends from their season of The Ultimate Fighter. Clint Hester will be pleased to get the victory, but disappointed it ended that way.

Official result (middleweight): Clint Hester defeated Dylan Andrews via TKO (doctor’s stoppage due to a dislocated shoulder) at the end of Round 2

1.48pm: Round 2 (middleweight), Dylan Andrews vs Clint Hester

Hester lands an inside leg-kick, Andrews counters to the outside. Andrews again attempts the taakedown, but he can’t get it. Hester throws an overhand right that misses, Andrews again lands a kick to Hester’s lead leg. 4:00 left in Round 2.

Good left by Hesterday is countered by an even bigger right hand from Andrews! The American rushes forward and gets the takedown … Andrews should’ve seen that coming. Hester now in Andrews’ half-guard, and he postures up and lands a right hand. Another short left elbow is followed by a right to the body and series of lefts to the head. Andrews is bloodied up.

Another BIG elbow landed by Hester with 2:20 left in the round. He’s doing a lot of damage now, and Andrews is holding on for dear life. The referee calls for action. Why? Anyway. Andrews tries to stand then takes the back. He loses the position, and Hester lands a big uppercut. Other middleweights would have already been out of there by now, Andrews has copped a ton of leather in this round.

But Andrews is continuing to come forward, and knocks Hester to the ground with a leg kick. His hands are very low … is his right hand broken? Andrews seems to be favouring it badly. No … he says it’s his shoulder. He looks in trouble.

Prediction: 19-19

1.41pm: Round 1 (middleweight), Dylan Andrews vs Clint Hester

Hester lands a good right hand early that rocks Andrews, but he seems okay and lands a leg kick of his own. Hester throwing big leather early, but Andrews gets a takedown and is straight into Hester’s half-guard. Good work from the Aussie.

Andrews tries to posture up, but Hester is doing a good job defending off his back. Almost a stalemate here as the referee calls for action. Andrews trying to land a right elbow as he attempts to mount. Hester’s defence is impregnable at the moment.

2:00 left in Round 1 and Andrews is looking for a guillotine … that just gives Hester the opportunity to reverse, and all of a sudden it’s the American in top position in Andrews’ half-guard. That’s a blow for Andrews. Hester lands a short elbow, but Andrews escapes and they’re back to their feet with 35 seconds left in the round. Andrews gets a late takedown and he’s straight into side control. That may just win him the round.

Prediction: Andrews 10-9

1.36pm: Next up, it’s a clash between former The Ultimate Fighter teammates, with Gold Coast-based Kiwi Dylan Andrews (17-4-1) up against American Clint Hester (8-3).

This should be a good fight. Andrews has won both his fights in the UFC, most recently overcoming an injury to KO Papy Abedi, while Hester scored a brutal KO victory (elbow) over Bristol Marunde in April.

Hester is certainly the flashier fighter, but Andrews lacks nothing for heart and seems to find a way to win when his back’s against the wall. I’m tipping it’ll be no different tonight, with Andrews earning a hard-fought decision victory. Both fighters just over six feet, but Hester will have a two-and-a-half-inch reach advantage.

1.31pm: Brazil’s Beth Correia gets the victory in a split decision … a fight that could have gone either way. Congrats to Correia, and bad luck to Julie Kedzie.

Also, a shout-out to Australian muay thai legend, John Wayne Parr, who was helping Greg Jackson corner Julie Kedzie for this fight. He’s become heavily involved in mixed martial arts in recent times, spending a lot of time at Georges St-Pierre’s Tristar gym in Montreal. Parr’s firmly in the corner of the Aussies tonight … tweeting out his support for James Te Huna earlier today.

Official result (women’s bantamweight): Bethe Correia defeats Julie Kedzie via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

1.11pm: Round 3 (women’s bantamweight), Julie Kedzie vs Beth Correia

Correia opens with a strong right hand. Kedzie lands a good right hand herself. Good left to the body from Kedzie, and she misses with an overhand right and high kick.

Correia lands a left hook and Kedzie scampers away. Good left and right from Correia. A straight left is followed up by a right hook. Kedzie lands a body kick, but Correia grabs the leg and gets the takedown. 2.30 left.

Correia takes Kedzie to the cage and Kedzie is trying to use it to get back to her feet. She almost does, but Correia takes the back … great work from the Brazilian! But Kedzie reverses it, gets back to her feet and lands a good right on the exit. Good work from both girls!

An overhand right misses for Correia. Kedzie lands another leg kick. 1:00 to go and both girls have gone into their shells a bit. Kedzie lands a right, Correia lands a good left! Correia tries for the takedown, can’t get it. Good left from Correia, and another one. Followed up by a good left from Kedzie. Crowd roars as they throw down in the final 10 seconds. Close fight. Think this will be 29-28 one way or the other.

Prediction: Correia 29-28


Bethe Correira (left) and Julie Kedzie trade blows in their UFC women's bantamweight bout in Brisbane.
Beth Correira (left) and Julie Kedzie trade blows in their UFC women’s bantamweight bout in Brisbane.

1.11pm: Round 2 (women’s bantamweight), Julie Kedzie vs Beth Correia

Correia again finds the chin of Kedzie with that left hand. Kedzie was told by her corner to follow up her combinations with a high kick and she does just that, even though the high kick misses. Correia is owning the centre of the Octagon and Kedzie is moving left and right on the outside.

Nice combination from Correia but that opens her up for the counter from Correia, who lands a strong right. Correia misses with a spinning backfist. Kedzie lands a good front kick that knocks Correia to her backside, but she’s back up quickly. Correia initiates the clinch and they’re back up against the cage. The break, Kedzie landing a nice combination on the exit.

2:00 left. Correia again initiates the clinch. landing good knees and a a footstomp as Kedzie tries to escape. spinning kick from Keddie finds the body. She lands a nice left hook to the body and her corner gets excited. A front kick misses.

Correia tries for a double-leg takedown with 30 seconds left, but she can’t finish it. More footstomps from Correia, but Kedzie lands a nice knee from the clinch. Kedzie has fought well in this round. Think she might have shaded it.

Prediction: 19-19

1.11pm: Round 1 (women’s bantamweight), Julie Kedzie vs Beth Correia

Kedzie and Correia had a fierce staredown at yesterday’s weigh in, with Correia clearly trying to get into the head of the more experienced Kedzie. Let’s see if that has any effect. Kedzie goes into this bout as the bookies’ favourite.

Kedzie opens up with a good right kick ot the body, but Correia takes it well and throws a nice left-right combination. Correia has taken the centre of the Octagon, with Kedzie looking to pick her shots from the outside. Good front kick by Kedzie. Correia charges in, lands a straight left. 3:20 left in Round 1.

Good left hook lands right on the chin of Kedzie, and that’s got her attention. Kedzie throws another front kick and misses with a spinning back kick. Good left from Correia, who pushes Kedzie up against the cage. Kedzie scrambles and takes it back to the centre of the Octagon. 2:00 left.

A left to the body, then Correia lands a big left hook! Another left lands and Kedzie looks stunned. Kedzie throws a wheel kick that misses, but a right hand lands. Correia takes it back into the clinch on the cage, lands a good knee and throws in some foot stompls for good measure. Correia  looks really strong. Lands a couple more left knees and Kedzie is able to fight her way off the cage.

Correia again lands that left hook, goes for a high kick and slips over. She gets back to her feet and goes for a single, gets the takedown. Correia finished the stronger in Round 1, that should give her the round.

Prediction: Correia 10-9

1.00pm: Here we go for the main card at UFC Fight Night: Hunt vs Bigfoot, and we’ll be kicking things off with a women’s bantamweight clash between veteran Julie Kedzie (16-12) and undefeated Bethe Correia (6-0).

Takeya Mizugaki (left) and Nam Phan throw down in their UFC featherweight bout in Brisbane.
Takeya Mizugaki (left) and Nam Phan throw down in their UFC featherweight bout in Brisbane.

12.56pm: Takeya Mizugaki makes it four straight wins in the UFC’s featherweight division with a unanimous decision victory over a game Nam Phan.

In the end, it was sheer volume of strikes that clinched the victory for Mizugaki, although Phan showed enormous heart to battle back in Round 3. At the very least, Phan will be a good gatekeeper in the featherweight division, while Mizugaki should move up a couple of places from number 10 in the UFC’s featherweight rankings.

Official result (featherweight): Takeya Mizugaki defeats Nam Phan via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-28)

12.49pm: Round 3 (featherweight), Takeya Mizugaki vs Nam Phan

Nam Phan’s corner tells their fighter he’s down two rounds to nil, and Phan comes out swinging in Round 3. Mizugaki defends, follows up with that left-right combination. Mizugaki tries for a takedown, but it’s stuffed by Phan, who again looks for a kimura. They separate. 3:40 left in Round 3.

Good left hand by Phan stuns Mizugaki! The Japanese fighter immediately goes for a takedown. He’s hurt. Phan gets out of it and advances. Lands a left and a good left to the body of his own. Could this be an amazing comeback? Mizugaki needs to hold on here. 2:30 left.

A good combination from Mizugaki now and Phan is rocked! Strong overhand right from Mizugaki is followed up with a combination from the unrelenting Phan. He might lose the fight, but he won’t lose any fans today. 1:40 left in the fight.

Nice right uppercut by Phan and Mizugaki counters with a knee. Phan needs a knockout, and his corner is yelling for him to let his hands go. Mizugaki looks like he’s agot a second wind, he’s finishing strongly. Good left-right combination yet again.

Phan lands his own let with 0:40 left in the fight. Mizugaki ducks away and lands a big left hand that sent Phan scrambling!

Crowd roars, and both fighters see this one out. Mizugaki will win the fight, but Phan has won admirers.

Prediction: Mizugaki 29-28

12.43pm: Round 2 (featherweight), Takeya Mizugaki vs Nam Phan

Oh. My. God! A huge, huge left to the body of Nam Pham and Takeya Mizugaki is unleashing in the opening minute of Round 2! Great combinations from Mizugaki as he tries to finish this fight with Phan stuck up against the cage.

Almost unbelievably, Phan is able to fight his way off the cage! He is so, so tough. He’s getting crushed in this fight at the moment, but he’s refusing to go down.

Phan moves forward, and both fighters look for an opening in the centre of the Octagon. Mizugaki is landing the left to the body at will, and following it up with strong overhand rights.

There’s 2:00 left in Round 2, and Phan has the arm of Mizugaki, looking for a kimura. Mizugaki thwarts it and takes Phan’s back. Reversed by Phan, but that just enables Mizugaki to land a double leg takedown.

Phan back to his feet almost immediately. 1:00 left in an entertaining Round 2. Phan paws with the left jab, then lands a right. Is Mizugaki tiring? No surprise if he is, he hasn’t stopped throwing punches! Mizugaki again lands that left-right combination, but Phan is holding his own. Good straight left to end the round for Mizugaki.

Prediction: Mizugaki 20-18

12.37pm: Round 1 (featherweight), Takeya Mizugaki vs Nam Phan

Both boys have come to fight! Mizugaki lands three or four left hooks early, one big rip to the body as Phan moves forward relentlessly. Mizugaki gets the takedown with 3:30 left in Round 1. Phan gets back to his feet, but he eats four or five big right hands as he does so. Already, Phan’s face is bruised up.

Mizugaki lands another left, then gets a double-leg takedown. Phan is sitting up against the cage, looking for an opportunity to get back to his feet as Mizugaki lands another big right hand.

There’s 1:30 left in Round 1, and this has been a good first few minutes for the Japanese fighter. Mizugaki lands a left, then a right. A brutal left hook to the body of Phan, and another left lands clean on Phan’s snout. Wow! Phan is tough. He’s getting pummelled at the moment.

Still, Phan pushes forward, but every time he tries to get on the inside, Mizugaki either lands a left to the body or a left or right to the head. That’s a really strong first round for Mizugaki.

Prediction: Mizugaki 10-9

12.31pm: Next up we see former featherweight Nam Phan (18-11) drop down to bantamweight to take on experienced Japanese fighter Takeya Mizugaki (18-7). It’ll be interesting to see how Phan handles the drop in weight, especially considering he hasn’t fought since losing to Dennis Siver in December last year.

Mizugaki is a tough bantamweight debut for Phan, though. He’s fought some of the best in this weight division, and he’s won his past three fights in the UFC with decisions over Erik Perez, Bryan Carraway and Jeff Hougland.

Tough one to predict! I lean slightly to Mizugaki, but Phan is nothing if not game. Below are some highlights of Mizugaki up against Miguel Torres back in his WEC days.

12.27pm: The judges see it the way we did, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Caio Magalhaes notches up a third successive UFC victory with a unanimous decision victory over Nick Ring.

This was a terrific fight for one-and-a-half rounds, but both fighters really gassed from the mid-point of Round 2. It played into the hands of Magalhaes, who was able to control things on the ground with his grappling.

Nevertheless, a good win for Magalhaes over a tough, experienced opponent. He deserves a step up in competition in his next fight, but he needs to continue to work on his cardio.

Official result: Caio Magalhaes defeats Nick Ring via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Nick Ring (right) lands a right as Caio Magalhaes backpedals in their UFC middleweight bout in Brisbane.
Nick Ring (right) lands a right as Caio Magalhaes backpedals in their UFC middleweight bout in Brisbane.

12.19pm: Round 3 (middleweight), Nick Ring vs Caio Magalhaes

Both fighters wary in the opening 30 seconds, with the referee telling them to get on with it. Magalhaes lands a good leg kick, follows up with another. Ring stalking and looking for an opening to throw that big left hand. Magalhaes throws a wild left … these boys are looking tired now. 3:20 left in Round 3, and this is anyone’s fight.

Magalhaes lands a good combination and all of a sudden he’s got the takedown! This could be the key moment in the fight. Magalhaes in top position in Ring’s half-guard. Ring is offering nothing from the bottom, Magalhaes offering little from the top … so the referee stands them up at 2:30 of Round 3. Gee, that appeared a bit quick, ref!

They clinch … Magalhaes lands a good knee to the body. 1:50 left. This is Magalhaes’ round if Ring doesn’t do something drastic. He’s on his knees holding onto a single, but Magalhaes is simply holding him down. The referee stands them up again!

But we’re back in the same position with 50 seconds left. Both fighters are very, very tired. Magalhaes lands some hammer fists with Ring all turtled up. Magalhaes has done enough, for mine … and I’ve seen enough too.

Prediction: Magalhaes 29-28

12.12pm: Round 2 (middleweight), Nick Ring vs Caio Magalhaes

Magalhaes slips early and Ring looks to jump on him … and eats a hard right for his efforts. Magalhaes looks for the takedown at 4:10, but Ring easily stuffs it and goes for his own single-leg takedown. He’s got it, and he’s back on top in side control.

Ring now looking for a kimura … can’t get it. He’s still in side control and has Magalhaes’ left arm trapped. In the crucifix position now and Ring is pounding Magalhaes’ head with right hands. Magalhaes reverses it and ends up on top! Great work by the Brazilian.

Magalhaes on top in Ring’s full guard, but he’s desperately trying to get to mount. He postures up and lands a good right to the head. Ring still looks pretty comfortable here, landing a couple of short rights to the head from the bottom. 1:00 left in Round 2.

Magalhaes keeps top position until the end of the round, managing to throw in a couple of good shots in the final 30 seconds. That might just be enough to even it up.

Prediction: 19-19

12.05pm: Round 1 (middleweight), Nick Ring vs Caio Magalhaes

Height and reach almost exactly the same in this bout … Magalhaes an inch taller at 6’1″, but Ring having a one-inch reach advantage.

Ring’s fighting in the southpaw stance, but he’s holding his hands really low. Magalhaes immediately looks for the high kick, and it misses Ring’s chin by a whisker. Magalhaes cops an accidental poke in the eye, and this one is stopped for a moment while the doctor takes a look. All clear, we’re back on at 3:58 of Round 1.

Ring initiates the clinch and lands a couple of good knees, which are in turn given back with interest by Magalhaes. They separate. Magalhaes looks for the takedown, but Ring sprawls well and defends it. Back in the clinch, with Ring again landing good knees to the body. This is really good work by Ring, his Thai clinch is very strong.

Ring looks for a single leg takedown, and finishes it! There’s a surprise, Who knew he’d want to go to the ground against a BJJ black belt? Ring in top position in Magalhaes’ half-guard, and Magalhaes looks for a heel-hook. Ring defends it well.

Back to their feet and Magalhaes lands a nice combination, goes for the takedown and looks for a guillotine choke. Ring gets out of it. This is a good round!

Probably give it to Ring … just. But Magalhaes does look dangerous on the ground.

Prediction: Ring 10-9

11.50am: Next up we’ve got a middleweight bout between another former The Ultimate Fighter alumni, Canada’s Nick Ring (13-2) and dangerous Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Caio Magalhaes (6-1).

Ring has gone 3-2 since making his UFC debut in Sydney in February, 2011, most recently losing a split decision to Chris Camozzi in Quebec.

One situation in which he didn’t lose, however, was when he took down a gang of muggers in Calgary. Seriously.

If you’re a mugger, the last person you want to come up against is a professional mixed martial artist! Watch Ring’s interview about the incident below.

11.45am: That was a super-impressive performance from Justin Scoggins, who justifies the big wraps put on him by his American Top Team training partners with a dominant victory over the ever-game Aussie, Richie Vaculik.

Scoggins was simply relentless with his pressure, never giving Vaculik a moment to settle. At just 21 years, Scoggins looks like he’s got a bright future.

Where to now for Vaculik? Uncertain. He needed a big performance in his UFC debut to earn himself some more fights. Let’s hope he gets a second chance.

The crowd boos the decision, but they’re just unhappy that Vaculik wasn’t given the chance to fight his way out of what was a horrid position. You’ve got to back the referee there, it looked a good stoppage for mine.

Official result (flyweight): Justin Scoggins defeats Richie Vaculik via TKO (punches) at 4:43 of Round 1

Justin Scoggins (top) lands lefts and rights on Australia's Richie Vaculik.
Justin Scoggins (top) lands lefts and rights on Australia’s Richie Vaculik.

11.36am: Round 1 (flyweight), Richie Vaculik vs Justin Scoggins

Scoggins made his intentions clear early, landing some strong kicks to the body on an advancing Vaculik. Scoggins gets the takedown at 4:20 of Round 1 as Vaculik looks to close the distance. Vaculik absorbs the pressure and gets back to his feet at 3:35, but he’s dropped by a strong right hook! Vaculik seems okay, but Scoggins is in a dominant position on top now.

Vaculik has pulled it back to half guard and he’s trying to use the cage to get back to his feet. He does with 2:26 left in Round 1. Scoggins pushes him up against the cage and lands a couple of strong left elbows. Vaculik just can’t seem to shake off the American at the moment. Scoggins again gets the takedown, and this has become a dominant round for the 21-year-old.

Scoggins moves into full mount at 1:10, but Vaculik is able to get it back to half guard. Scoggins now takes his back and is getting pounded on! Vaculik trying to shield himself from lefts and rights, but the referee has seen enough. He’s stopped it.

Scoggins wins this via TKO in Round 1. Official result shortly.

11.30am: Next up, we have a flyweight match-up between Australia’s own Richie ‘Vas’ Vaculik (9-1) and American Justin ‘The Tank’ Scoggins (7-0). An intriguing bout, this one. Vaculik earned a lot of respect holding his own against much bigger men at lightweight in The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes last year, while Scoggins is a former kickboxing champion who’s got experience beyond his 21 years.

C’mon Vas!

Regular viewers of Fuel TV would recognise Vaculik from The Crew, a reality show featuring he and two of his best mates, Mark Mathews and Kid Mac.

Bruno Santos (lelft) of Brazil lines up Krzysztof Jotko of Poland.
Bruno Santos (lelft) of Brazil lines up Krzysztof Jotko of Poland.

11.28am: Poland’s Krzysztof Jotko notches up his first UFC victory and remains undefeated with a unanimous decision victory over Bruno Santos.

Official result (middleweight): Krzysztof Jotko defeated Bruno Santos via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27).

11.26am: We’re in the middle of a fairly underwhelming middleweight clash between Bruno Santos and Krzysztof Jotko. The crowd made its feelings known with a chorus of boos towards the end of the second round, while Santos managed to get top position in Round 3 before it was reversed by Jotko. Close fight, 30 seconds left in round 3.

11.10am: Want five reasons why Mark Hunt will defeat Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva in the main event of UFC Brisbane? Click here.

And here’s a lovely little compilation of some of Hunt’s best knock-outs … set to the music of Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Let’s hope that’s where he sends Bigfoot today!

Alex Garcia (left) lands combinations on Australia's Ben Wall.
Alex Garcia (left) lands combinations on Australia’s Ben Wall.

11.02am: We’re already one fight down here at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, and unfortunately it wasn’t good for the Aussie fans, with Alex ‘The Dominican Nightmare’ Garcia knocking out Australia’s Ben ‘Manimal’ Wall at 0:43 seconds of Round 1.

That’s a real disappointment for The Manimal, who was one of the most popular fighters to come out of The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes last year.

Official result (welterweight): Alex Garcia defeated Ben Wall via TKO (punches) at 0:43 of Round 1

Next up is a middleweight clash between Bruno Santos and Krzysztof Jotko. Both fighters are undefeated and have identical professional records — 13-0.

11am: Welcome to live coverage of UFC Fight Night 33: Hunt vs Bigfoot, taking place right here in Australia at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

It’s a card featuring plenty of talent from Australia and New Zealand, with Sydney-based Kiwi Mark Hunt looking to return to the UFC’s top 10 in the heavyweight division with a victory over no.4-rated former title challenger, Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva.

The co-main event will see another former UFC champion, Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua taking on Penrith’s James Te Huna in the light heavyweight division.

The full card is below, with the Aussies and Kiwis in red.

Fight card — UFC Fight Night: Hunt vs Bigfoot

Heavyweight: Mark Hunt vs Antonio Silva

Light heavyweight: Mauricio Rua vs James Te Huna

Heavyweight: Pat Barry vs Soa Palelei

Light heavyweight: Ryan Bader vs Anthony Perosh

Middleweight: Dylan Andrews vs Clint Hester

Women’s bantamweight: Julie Kedzie vs Bethe Correira

Bantamweight: Takeya Mizugaki vs Nam Phan

Middleweight: Nick Ring vs Caio Magalhaes

Flyweight: Richie Vaculik vs Justin Scoggins

Middleweight: Bruno Santos vs Krzysztof Jotko

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