Sport Golf ‘I never lied to anyone’: Robert Allenby

‘I never lied to anyone’: Robert Allenby

Golfer Robert Allenby
Robert Allenby says he has no idea about the arrest. Photo: Getty
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Golfer Robert Allenby has scolded the media over speculation he spent thousands of dollars at a Hawaiian strip club on the night he was allegedly kidnapped, saying his story hasn’t changed.

“I never lied to anyone,” Allenby said during a press conference on Tuesday. “I only told you what I knew and what someone had told me. That’s the bottom line.”

“I became a victim and now it’s all been turned around. I understand the way the media works. I’ve been around.”

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The 43-year-old claimed he was kidnapped from a popular Honolulu wine bar on January 16 before being beaten and robbed.

Homeless people who saw Allenby have given conflicting versions of events, while sporting site alleges the golfer was at a strip club with friends, not a wine bar.

“My story stays exactly the same as the way I told it, and that’s the bottom line,” Allenby said.

“The media have decided that they are the most amazing experts at investigations.”

Allenby said until police concluded their investigation, “no one should speculate over what happened”.

“There’s a reason why detectives in Honolulu are some of the best in the world. I’d really appreciate it if maybe we can let them do their job.”

One homeless man said Allenby suffered gashes to his face after falling over, not from being beaten.

Allenby denies this, despite saying he has no memory of the evening from 11pm onward.

“From about 11.06 to 1.27am, I have no memory in my brain. I have nothing,” he said.

“I can’t tell you how frustrating that is because we all want to know the truth.”

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