Sport Football Red Star Belgrade set fire to own team bus during victory parade

Red Star Belgrade set fire to own team bus during victory parade

The Red Star Belgrade team bus on fire after the flare incident. Photo: ABC News
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If the FFA thinks the A-League has a problem with flares, it might want to cast their eyes to Serbia and be grateful it is only a few errant fans and not the teams themselves who get their hands on them.

Celebrations of Red Star Belgrade’s 28th league title win got out of hand.

One of the players on an open-top bus snaking through the city unwittingly set an oil spill alight, sparking a fire that dramatically engulfed the vehicle, forcing the team on to the streets among thousands of fans, while fire crews tackled the blaze.

Everyone disembarked the bus to safety and the celebrations continued as the emergency services did their job.

The team was travelling from the club’s home stadium to the north of the city on a victory parade after claiming the title with an emphatic 5-1 victory over Vozdovac.

The route was filled with jubilant fans of the club, with supporters as well as players brandishing flares.

In scenes captured on social media and broadcast on the Black & Ginger YouTube channel, players can initially be seen attempting to continue the party even as flames started to lick the lower part of the bus.

But as the fire grew more intense all on board were evacuated and fans on the streets urged away from danger.

Pyrotechnics are often in evidence at Serbian football grounds, with the stadium treated to an elaborate fireworks show before and after the victory over Vozdovac.

Red Star is the country’s most successful club and claimed the European Cup back in 1991, the only club from the former Yugoslavia to have become continental champions.

However, despite the club’s vast experience in celebrating trophies, few after parties have been as memorable as this year’s effort.