Sport Football Noooo!!!!!!!! English football fans heartbroken

Noooo!!!!!!!! English football fans heartbroken

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English soccer fans have had their World Cup hopes dashed overnight, with the team going down to Uruguay 2 – 1.

After three misses, English player Wayne Rooney finally scored a goal in the 75th minute, but it was not enough to get the team across the line.

The English side now has little chance of advancing into the next round, remaining at the bottom of Group D as the only team with no points.

Angry English fans took to Twitter to express their reactions to the match, many making jokes about the poor performance of the team. 

Uruguay’s Luis Suarez scored a second goal for the side in the 84th minute, leaving English fans heartbroken.

Unlike Australian fans’ support for the Socceroos’ after their losses to the Netherlands and Chile, English fans have turned on their team, some claiming that their only choice now is where to sit on the airplane home.

The country, which has a strong national following of the sport, is in shock that the American team has advanced further than them in the World Cup tournament.