Sport Cricket ‘Immediately aggressive’: Woman’s bizarre tantrum at grade cricket match

‘Immediately aggressive’: Woman’s bizarre tantrum at grade cricket match

Grade Cricket
The woman was furious as confused umpires, players and spectators looked on. Photo: Twitter
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Video footage of an angry woman furious with a group of grade cricketers in Sydney has gone viral – and it turns out there’s more to the story.

English cricketer Ollie Pope, who plays professionally for Surrey, is in Australia this summer playing for Campbelltown-Camden.

And he was a bemused spectator when a woman not once but twice walked onto a cricket field, stopping play between Eastern Suburbs and Campbelltown-Camden at Sydney’s Paddington Oval.

Pope’s video of the outburst at the Third XI Grade match has been viewed more than 75,000 times on Twitter and is highlighted by the woman yelling: “Why can’t I walk to my exercise?” and “Bunch of testosterone … get off. Don’t you have any manners?”

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The woman was seething that she could not exercise on the oval while the match of cricket was being played and Matt Coles, seen in the video as the Eastern Suburbs representative trying to escort the woman off the ground, revealed on Tuesday that not everything was captured.

According to News Corp, Coles said the woman first walked onto the field of play and started to do sit-ups on the oval, unable to hear the requests of umpires and players for her to move because she was wearing headphones, before she lashed out once notified.

“She takes her headphones out and she says [to fans informing her she needed to move], ‘Have some f***ing manners, you’re speaking to a woman’,” Coles said.

“Straight away she was agitated. It’s not like it happened slowly. She was immediately aggressive.

“And the thing is we needed her to move. We have a duty of care to people on the field.

“So the video that’s gone viral … that’s when she came back about 10 minutes later and had another go.”

Pope’s Twitter video shows the woman and Coles in a heated dispute about who had the rights to use the oval after she returned to stretch on the oval.

“She just saw red. She didn’t really know what to say. She just kept repeating herself,” he added.

“She just kept saying: ‘I’m a rate payer. Why can’t I use it? You’re ganging up on me, a menopausal woman’. It was just ridiculous.”

Pope said on Twitter that “apparently” the last words she uttered were: “I hope you all get sunburnt.”

Eastern Suburbs are not likely to lodge a complaint about the incident.

They won easily, too, scoring 9-225 – Coles made 17 – before they bowled out Campbelltown-Camden for just 73.

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