Sport Cricket Steve Smith dismisses Virat Kohli’s allegations as ‘complete rubbish’

Steve Smith dismisses Virat Kohli’s allegations as ‘complete rubbish’

Virat Kohli was fuming after an DRS incident on day four of the second Test. Photo: Fox Sports
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Skippers Steve Smith and Virat Kohli will attempt to reconcile their differences prior to Thursday’s toss in Ranchi, where the bitter divide between Australia and India widened on the eve of the third Test.

Tensions have bubbled since Kohli accused the visitors of systematically cheating in the second Test by looking to support staff for illegal advice regarding reviews.

Smith insisted his “brain fade” on day four was the only instance.

Smith, Kohli and match referee Richie Richardson will meet prior to play on Thursday morning, when both sides start their push for a 2-1 lead in the four-Test series.

“I might be able to ask (Kohli) a few questions. We’ll see what the mood’s like at the time. Virat obviously stuck by his comments,” Smith said on Wednesday.

“In regards to saying that we do it consistently, that’s complete rubbish.

“He said that we did it twice while he was out there (batting). I don’t think he was out there long enough for two appeals.

“He’s entitled to his opinion, but from my point of view he’s completely wrong.”

Kohli dug in his heels, saying he had no regrets about the post-match tirade and that emotion had nothing to do with it.

“I think about what I said. I don’t regret anything that I’ve said, but at the same time it’s very important not to be stupid and go on with the same thing on a daily basis,” Kohli said.

“It was a mature decision on everyone’s part to move on.

“We’ve seen instances from the past stretch on too long. It just causes disharmony and there’s no outcome.”

Virat Kohli press conference
Virat Kohli had a crack at three Australian cricketers after the second Test. Photo: AAP

Australia and India’s cricket boards made peace last week and indicated in a joint statement the captains would smoke the peace pipe in Ranchi.

Smith had a chat with Richardson and umpies prior to Wednesday’s training session.

“Basically what they said was that they want to see cricket as the winner in the Test … both teams to play within the rules of the game,” he said.

“They understand games between Australia and India are always fiercely contested. It’s just about playing within the boundaries of the game.”

Kohli was keen to move on from the saga but engaged in an immature tit-for-tat with a visiting journalist.

When pressed if it was appropriate for a Test captain to make unsubstantiated allegations in a press conference, Kohli took exception to the line of questioning.

“What were the allegations? What is the allegation called?” Kohli quipped.

“It has to be called something, for me to be questioning something about someone – to call it an allegation.

“If no charges were pressed against me, how are those allegations?”

When it was explained for a third time that Kohli indicated there were two instances of Australia using the Decision Review System (DRS) inappropriately when he was batting in Bangalore, he refused to answer the question.

“We need to move on and focus on the game tomorrow,” Kohli said.

“Two sides to the coin, I could be speaking about it again, and (if so) things are not going to move forward.”