Sport Boxing Boxer hears ‘ding, ding’, says ‘see you later’

Boxer hears ‘ding, ding’, says ‘see you later’

Nigerian Efe Ajagba (L) and his short-lived opponent Curtis Harper. Photo: PBC
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If you thought you’d seen everything the world of boxing could throw at you, US heavyweight Curtis Harper has added a new ‘what the …?’ moment to the sport’s long list of atrocities.

Friday’s Premier Boxing Champions event from Minneapolis was supposed to feature a bout between the Jacksonville, Florida, boxer and unbeaten (5-0) Nigerian Efe Ajagba.

The men touched gloves to begin the telecast bout, and, then … Harper was gone.

After the bell rang Harper (13-6) turned tail and left the ring, with the referee disqualifying him a short time later.

Local broadcast host Jordan Hardy posted on Twitter that Harper was not getting paid enough for the fight against the intimidating Nigerian and wanted “respect”.

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