Sport Boxing Boxer Billy Dib denies wife abuse claims

Boxer Billy Dib denies wife abuse claims

Billy Dib
Billy Dib is accused of physically abusing his ex-wife. Photo: Getty
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Former boxing world champion Billy Dib has hit back at claims he physically and emotionally abused his ex-wife.

Sarah Shaweesh has spoken publicly of alleged abuse, intimidation and overbearing control she suffered at the hands of the Australian professional boxer during their brief marriage.

“My client is not angry about the latest allegations made, just disappointed,” Dib’s lawyer Adam Houda said in a statement on Sunday.

Ms Shaweesh claimed she endured a nightmare of physical abuse from the moment the pair went on their honeymoon.

“Pushing around, dragged from one side of the house to the other, to violently trying to take my phone out of my pocket so I couldn’t call anyone for help,” she posted to Facebook.

“On the last night I was there he whacked my arm as I tried to open a cabinet to get something out, I feared my life from his rage and called the police.”

The boxer constantly lied and asked his sheik if he could stop his wife from going to work or seeing her mother and friends, Ms Shaweesh claimed.

“To have this play out in front of me is a form of abuse, it’s a form of intimidation and control,” she said.

Mr Houda dismissed the claims as vicious rumours circulated by a disgruntled ex-partner.

Their relationship broke down after Ms Shaweesh took offence to her husband’s affections towards his late wife Sara, he said.

She allegedly left promising to “destroy his life” and was trying to make good on her pledge.

“First came the false complaint to police that my client was being physically abusive,” Mr Houda said.

“Today, months after the break up, her malicious, childish and vindictive campaign against my client continues.”