Sport Boxing As it happened: Mundine vs Mosley

As it happened: Mundine vs Mosley

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OFFICIAL RESULT: Anthony Mundine defeats Shane Mosley via TKO (Mosley withdrew due to injury at the end of Round 6).

11.41pm: That’s all for our live coverage of the Anthony Mundine vs Shane Mosley fight night.

In the end, Mundine becomes the first man to stop Mosley in his decorated 58-fight career … but not in the way he wanted. Mosley ended up pulling out of the fight at the end of the sixth round because of back spasms, handing Mundine a TKO victory.

All the talk will be around the controversial nature of the stoppage. Back spasms isn’t the most common excuse for a fight to be stopped! And that’s unfortunate, because Mundine definitely fought a terrific fight against a future Hall of Famer who’s been in the ring against some of the biggest names in the sport.

So, where to now for Mundine? Unfortunately for him, this fight raises just as many question marks as it provides answers. Mosley was nowhere near his best, and it’s hardly the kind of fight that’s going to resonate with US audiences. And that’s exactly who Mundine needs to impress if he’s to achieve his dream of securing a world title fight against the best in the business, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Let’s leave the last words with the fans, shall we?

11.33pm: A disappointed Shane Mosley was gracious in defeat tonight, praising the effort of Anthony Mundine but saying he “couldn’t move” because of back spasms.

“The referee came to me … he felt my back, he could see I wasn’t bobbing or weaving. I couldn’t move,” he said.

“It was something that developed during the fight, I didn’t come in with back spasms or anything.”

Mosley said he felt he was losing the fight and that he would’ve needed a knock-out to win.

“I’ve got to hand it to him, he fought a good fight. I thought that I was behind, I thought that Mundine was outpointing me, but I still thought I had a puncher’s chance. But I just couldn’t move.”

As for a rematch, Mosley didn’t say anything that would suggest Mosley vs Mundine II was on the horizon.

“What’s done is done. We’re both getting up in age. It’s truly up to him, but if it was me, I’d probably want to face some of the young up and coming fighters.”

11.29pm: A victorious Anthony Mundine leapt to the defence of Shane Mosley as the crowd booed the official decision … a TKO win as Mosley pulled out with injury.

“I know he’s a warrior, he’s one of the best fighters who ever lived. He’s not going to punk out for something stupid,” Mundine said.

“He just beat the Mexican guy, (Pablo Cesar) Cano, and they had big dreams for him. Before that, (he fought Saul) Alvarez.”

Mundine said he felt he controlled the fight, even though he was hurt early by a big overhand right.

“He rocked me one time, but I was able to recover because of my fitness.”

And as for his next fight, it seems either a rematch with Mosley or an overseas bout is next on the agenda.

“It’s up to my management (a rematch). We had an opportunity tonight to duke it out. But I felt I was dominating the fight. I just want to fight the big fish,” he said.

“There will be interest with me beating Shane. He’s one of the top five pound for pound fighters of the last century. It was hard trying to put it on him, but I was in a killer mode.”

11.21pm: Surely not! Anthony Mundine has just won this fight, with Shane Mosley quitting the bout at the end of Round 6 citing “back spasms”.



That’s such a disappointment, because undoubtedly Shane Mosley is one of the best we’ve seen. But there’s little doubt Mundine was the far superior fighter tonight.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Anthony Mundine defeats Shane Mosley via TKO (Mosley withdrew due to injury at the end of Round 6).

Anthony Mundine lands a left to the head of Shane Mosley.
Anthony Mundine lands a left to the head of Shane Mosley.

11.20pm: That’s another round in the books for Anthony Mundine, and it’d be a brave man to suggest that Shane Mosley can win this fight any other way than with a knockout.

That’s certainly possible … he did rock Mundine in Round 3 … but Mosley is looking every bit of his 42 years of age tonight. He doesn’t seem to have an answer to Mundine‘s height, reach and strength.

11.16pm: Anthony Mundine is right on top now at the end of Round 5. He really started to let his hands go in that round, landing a strong left and also a right uppercut that sent Mosley retreating towards the ropes.

Mosley doesn’t seem to have solved the riddle of how to get inside … Mundine‘s keeping Mosley at bay, using his reach beautifully and landing that left jab at will.

Mosley‘s corner sounding worried now. They know they’re behind on points.

PREDICTION: Mundine 49-46.

11.12pm: A big, big Round 4 for Anthony Mundine! Mundine got rocked by a big right hand with two minutes left in Round 4 but he fired back straight away and staggered Mosley with a beautiful right hook!

Mosley went to the canvas clutching Mundine‘s leg …it was ruled a slip, but there’s no doubt Mosley was hurt.

Mosley has not been knocked out once in his career, and it almost happened in that round. His corner tells him to “move your head” at the end of Round 3. They know that was close.

PREDICTION: Mundine 39-37.

11.07pm: Round 3 was a much better round for Mosley, who rocked Mundine with a strong overhand right early. Mundine took the punch well, reasserting himself in the centre of the ring and continuing to work a three-punch combination beginning with the left jab.

If you’re in Mundine‘s corner, you’d be telling him to just keep working the jab, working the jab … while if you’re in Mosley‘s corner, you’d be telling him to just keep throwing that overhand right! It’s the punch that could end it.

I’ll give that round to Mosley, just … but once again, Mundine could get the nod for his workrate and that jab.

PREDICTION: Mundine 29-28.

11.03pm: The size difference between the two fighters in this bout is really noticeable … Anthony Mundine looks a weigh class or two bigger than Shane Mosley, and it’s showing as Mundine uses his superior reach to keep Mosley at bay.

Round 2 will go to Mundine … not only has he continue to land the left jab, he’s been able to follow it up with a couple of strong rights that have put Mosley on the back foot.

Mosley’s best punch so far is undoubtedly the left to the body … he’s going to need to use that punch to get inside and get busy.

PREDICTION: Mundine 20-18.

10.59pm: Close first round, with Anthony Mundine landing some really quick jabs and Shane Mosley throwing a couple of haymakers that just missed their mark. Mosley is doing a good job working the body then going up high, but Mundine is also doing a pretty good job of controlling the distance and holding the centre of the ring.

Tough round to score … I’d probably just give it to Mundine for those nice jabs from range, but it could quite easily be a drawn round or a 10-9 round for Mosley. We’re very much in the feeling out stage of this fight.

PREDICTION: Mundine 10-9.

10.51pm: Shane Mosley enters the ring to a decidedly more masculine song … beats me what it is, but if you know, please leave a comment at the bottom of this story!

He high fives members of the crowd on the way in. He looks ready to go.

And so are we!

10.49pm: Anthony Mundine is on his way to the ring … well, I think he is. He’s surrounded by so many hangers-on that I can’t even see his face!

Interesting choice of entrance music … he’s coming in to Ain’t Nobody? What the?

I’m confused. Oh well, I’ll sing along anyway.

“Ain’t nobody, loves me better …”

10.38pm: Not far away from the fight we’re all waiting for … the WBA International light middleweight title fight between Anthony “The Man” Mundine and “Sugar” Shane Mosley.

Mundine was interviewed in the locker room before the Luke Turner-Blake Ferguson fight, and he was certainly not disrespecting his decorated opponent.

“He (Mosley) is a legend at the end of the day and I respect him. But I believe I’m going to get the victory … I’ve got to go out there and do it,” Mundine said.

He was confident that a big weight cut wouldn’t have an affect in the bout.

“I feel good, it’s going to show in the fight. I made weight, I made sure from last time … where I sort of left it a bit late. But I made it pretty comfortably (this time), so I feel good.”

Mundine vs Mosley, by the numbers

• Age: Mundine 38, Mosley 42
• Height: Mundine 180cm, Mosley 174cm
• Reach: Mundine 178cm, Mosley 180cm
• First pro fight:  Mundine 2000, Mosley 1993
• Pro record: Mundine 44-5, 26 KOs; Mosley 47-8-1, 39 KOs
• KO percentage: Mundine 53%, Mosley 68%
• Pro rounds boxed: Mundine 393, Mosley 411

Blake Ferguson (left) wears a hard right from Luke Turner.
Blake Ferguson (left) wears a hard right from Luke Turner.

10.34pm: The official result is in … and we’ve got an upset (of sorts!). Luke Turner defeats NRL star Blake Ferguson. They’ll be celebrating with a few beers back at the Goulburn Workers Club, that’s for sure.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Luke Turner defeated Blake Ferguson via unanimous points decision (39-27, 39-27, 39-27).

10.32pm: Well that wasn’t so bad, was it? A fun fight between NRL star Blake Ferguson and fellow debutant Luke Turner.

Turner should get the decision … I’ve got him winning three rounds to one by virtue of his better workrate. Let’s see what the judges say.

PREDICTION: Turner 39-27.

10.29pm: Another round in the books for Luke Turner, who was introduced as a rugby league player … for the Goulburn Bulldogs. Okay, not really the NRL, but Turner definitely comes from good fighting territory!

Fourth and final round coming up. If Turner keeps up this workrate, he’ll win this fight. Blake Ferguson needs this next round, and he needs it BIG.

PREDICTION: Turner 29-28.

10.26pm: Good round by Luke Turner in Round 2, outworking Blake Ferguson who looks like he’s starting to struggle with the pace of a professional boxing bout.

Turner looks pretty good when he gets in on the inside, while Ferguson‘s best bet to win this fight will be to use his superior reach and land his left jab.

Both boys are having a go, which is good to see.


10.22pm: Hello! NRL star Blake Ferguson has just worked out that boxing is much, much different to standing out in the backline in a rugby league game!

Luke Turner was all set to take the first round before Ferguson finally came to life in the final 30 seconds, landing a couple of good right hands that stagged Turner. That probably helped him just steal the round … Turner might have gone down had he not been holding onto the ropes.

A bit of feeling at the end of the round when Ferguson landed a late shot and Turner followed up with a tap to the back of Ferguson’s head as they returned to their corners. Crowd roars. Love the novelty bouts!

PREDICTION: Ferguson 10-9.

10.11pm: Next up is a novelty bout … sorry, heavyweight bout … between controversial rugby league star Blake Ferguson and fellow boxing debutant Luke Turner.

We just saw vision of Ferguson warming up in the locker room with Tony Mundine. Umm … let’s just say I hope he throws his punches with a bit more venom than what we just saw.

Ferguson weighed in at 100.35kg, and will take a 5cm height and 3kg weight advantage into the bout.

Blake Ferguson and Luke Turner face off at yesterday's weigh-in.
Blake Ferguson and Luke Turner face off at yesterday’s weigh-in.

10.09pm: The official result is in, and as expected it’s a comfortable decision victory for Renold Quinlan, who we’ll see a lot more of in the coming years, over the tough-as-nails Joseph Kwadjo.

Still not sure how one of the judges had it so close (77-75? Seriously?), but there you go. It’s a subjective game.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Renold Quinlan defeated Joseph Kwadjo via unanimous points decision (79-74, 77-75, 78-74).

10.06pm: Anyone wondering why Joseph Kwadjo hasn’t been knocked out in a 28-fight career to date need wonder no more. Seriously, the bloke is the Terminator. He just keeps walking forward and taking the best shots that Renold Quinlan can offer.

In the end, this will be a comfortable points decision victory for the very talented Renold Quinlan, but the score won’t tell the story of the fight. This was competitive from start to finish, which is more than I can say for the first couple of fights on this card.

PREDICTION: Quinlan 80-71.

10.02pm: We’ve ticked past the 10pm mark, and Joseph Kwadjo will definitely be having a good sleep after this fight. Renold Quinlan has been super impressive so far heading into the eighth and final round. I’ve got him winning all seven rounds so far, including a 10-8 round with a knockdown in the third, but Kwadjo has fought hard.

Kwadjo needs a knock-out … and he’ll go for it.

PREDICTION: Quinlan 70-62.

9.58pm: Repeat 9.54pm comment. But somebody give Joseph Kwadjo a bonus tonight. He’s earned it. He’s going to have a sore jaw tomorrow, because Renold Quinlan‘s right uppercut has found a home there.

PREDICTION: Quinlan 60-53.

9.54pm: Both fighters looking very tired at the end of Round 5, and that’s understandable … they’ve thrown everything at each other for 15 minutes.

Round 5 took a similar path as the previous four, with Joseph Kwadjo pressing forward, but Renold Quinlan landing good jabs and a few strong uppercuts for good measure.

Credit to Kwadjo … he’s as tough as they come. He’s worn some big, big punches. At just 24 years old, Quinlan looks a very good fighter in the making.

PREDICTION: Quinlan 50-44.

9.51pm: That’s another round in the book for Renold Quinlan, but is Joseph Kwadjo injured? He seems to be favouring his knee or ankle.

Without doubt, Kwadjo needs a knock-out. He’s tired, but he won’t die wondering.

PREDICTION: Quinlan 40-35.

9.46pm: Without doubt, the fight of the night so far between Joseph Kwadjo and Renold Quinlan.

Halfway through the round, it looked like Quinlan was ready to go down after he took a big overhand right on the jaw.  Inexplicably, though, he managed to stay on his feet before dropping Kwadjo with a big uppercut with 30 seconds left in the round. What a way to turn a 9-10 round into a 10-8 round!

This is still anyone’s fight, even though Quinlan should now have a handy lead on points.

PREDICTION: Quinlan 30-26.

9.42pm: Terrific Round 2 for both fighters! Joseph Kwadjo rocked Renold Quinlan with a big right hand with two minutes left in the round, staggering Quinlan for a few seconds.

But Quinlan was able to work his way through it, eventually getting on top in the final minute of the round with a series of uppercuts that landed flush to the jaw of Kwadjo.

Tough round to score … probably still just give it to Quinlan, who’s always busy, but it could go the other way.

PREDICTION: Quinlan 20-18.

9.38pm: Good opening round for both boys in this fight, with Renold Quinlan getting off to a quick start against Joseph Kwadjo. Quinlan‘s left jab is lightning-quick — he landed four or five to the jaw of Kwadjo inside the first 15 seconds!

As the round drew on, though, Kwadjo managed to land a couple of solid shots. They weren’t enough to steal the round … Quinlan will take it with sheer volume of punches … but you get the feeling this fight could go one of two ways: A decision victory for Quinlan, or a KO for Kwadjo.

PREDICTION: Quinlan 10-9.

9.28pm: “Sugar” Shane Mosley looks super-relaxed in the locker room as he prepares for tonight’s main event against Anthony Mundine.

While Mundine will enter the ring as the bigger fighter, Mosley said it remained to be seen what effect a tough weight cut would have on the Australian.

“When I used to fight at lightweight, it was tough for me to make the weight, so I can understand what he was going through,” Mosley said in an interview with Main Event.

And as for his prediction for the fight?

“You should expect a great fight. I’m giving it all 100 per cent for this fight,” he said.

“I always predict a knock-out, that’s what I go for. But anything could happen.”

Next up we have a catchweight bout between a couple of nominal super middleweights in Renold Quinlan (5-0) vs Joseph Kwadjo (21-6).

C'mon! Watching the boxing action are tennis pros Peter Luczak and Lleyton Hewitt.
C’mon! Watching the boxing action are tennis pros Peter Luczak and Lleyton Hewitt.

9.18pm: “That’s it, that’ll do” says our referee as he brings this contest to a halt in the closing stages of Round 3.

David Aloua will need a good massage tonight … he’ll have pretty sore arms from all the leather he was flinging at the game, but outmatched, Mosese Sorovi in this cruiserweight clash.

The crowd got into this fight, with Aloua a class above but Sorovi still trying to stand and trade, even though he was so tired by the time the bell sounded for the start of Round 3 that it looked like he was wading through a metre of water.

Still, that fight was an improvement on what’s been a very underwhelming undercard so far tonight. And it was a nice performance by Aloua in his first appearance since his Australian cruiserweight title bout loss to Daniel Ammann. I’d like to see that fight again!

OFFICIAL RESULT: David Aloua defeats Mosese Sorovi via TKO at 2:37 of Round 3.

David Aloua (right) on the attack against Mosese Sorovi.
David Aloua (right) on the attack against Mosese Sorovi.

9.15pm: Back in 1999, Mosese Sorovi fought for the Australian super middleweight title against one of Australia’s best of recent times, Sam Soliman.

Since then, he’s been in a good paddock … he’s a portly cruiserweight, that’s for sure. And unfortunately, that extra weight counted against him in Round 2 when he tried to throw a right hook to the body, slipped and fell over … only for the referee to call it a knockdown. Harsh.

David Aloua then proceeded to pound him good and proper on the ropes for the best part of a minute, but Sorovi did manage to land a couple of nice shots to the body with a minute to go.

PREDICTION: Aloua 20-17.

9.10pm: Entertaining start to this bout between David Aloua and Mosese Sorovi! Aloua looked to be boxing beautifully before Sorovi landed an overhand right that rocked the much taller Aloua.

That certainly woke up Aloua, who rallied back with a big right hook that sent Sorovi staggering to the ropes.

Aloua certainly looks the better fighter, and he did enough to win that round, but he’s got to be awfully wary of Sorovi’s overhand right.

PREDICTION: Aloua 10-9.

9.02pm: Next up, we’ve got a bout between a couple of cruiserweights in David Aloua (8-1) and Mosese Sorovi (22-17-1).

Pretty easy prediction for this one … someone’s going to get knocked out, and it’s probably going to be Sorovi. The Fijian hasn’t fought for 12 months, when he was knocked out by former amateur star Brad Pitt. Before that, though, he did manage to win the IBF Pan Pacific cruiserweight title with a sixth round TKO victory over Pieter Cronje.

Aloua trains with the Mundine camp, and he was undefeated until his last bout when he lost a unanimous decision in an Australian cruiserweight title bout against Daniel Ammann.

8.52pm: The official result is in, and even a first-time boxing viewer couldn’t have come up with any other result than an easy victory for Sam Ah See. Let’s hope we see him up against a fighter with a little bit more ability the next time we see him on a pay-per-view card. Fighting journeymen like Daniel Roy Maxwell isn’t going to do much to push him up the rankings.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Sam Ah See defeats Daniel Roy Maxwell via unanimous decision (40-36, 40-36, 40-36).

8.45pm: This fight is going to be a whitewash, and it’s certainly not doing much to entertain a sparse crowd. Sam Ah See took the third round of his bout against Daniel Roy Maxwell, who’s hopelessly outclassed against a young guy we’re going to see a lot more of in the future.

Interestingly, Daniel Roy Maxwell is self-trained. I’d suggest … he should get a trainer.

One round to go. Thankfully.

PREDICTION: Sam Ah See 30-27.

8.42pm: Chalk up another round for Sam Ah See, who landed some good combinations in Round 2 … a couple of ripping lefts and rights to the body definitely stung Daniel Roy Maxwell.

To his credit though, Maxwell is covering up well and making a fight of it. Ah See’s going to have his work cut out to knock him out.

PREDICTION: Sam Ah See 20-18.

Update: It seems we now know why we lost an earlier bout.

8.37pm: Apologies to Daniel Roy Maxwell, because I probably did him a disservice in my previous post. Sure, he has only won one and drawn one fight in a 17-fight career … but he is rated the number two light middleweight in New Zealand (behind a 44-year-old with a record of 9 wins, 13 losses.

First round goes to Sam Ah See. No significant punches landed, but the favourite looked sharp.

PREDICTION: Sam Ah See 10-9.

8.32pm: If you were hoping for a more competitive bout in the next fight on the card … I’m sorry to say that looks unlikely.

The undefeated Sam Ah See  (8 wins, 1 draw) is up against a fellow by the name of Daniel Roy Maxwell, who’s won one and drawn one of his past four fights. Problem is, those four fights came after a run of 13 successive losses, so his record stands at an abysmal 1-15-1.

Positives? Sam Ah See can fight. In fact, he’s rated the number four light middleweight in Australia. And also … this will be over quickly! That’s a BIG positive.

Ahmed Dib (left) on the attack against Mike Wanprasert.
Ahmed Dib (left) on the attack against Mike Wanprasert.

8.19pm: Mercifully, the referee calls a stop to this contest with 12 seconds remaining in the third round. Mike Wanprasert was knocked down with 1:30 left in the round, took another standing eight-count, then did his best impersonation of a punching bag for the next minute or so before Ahmed Dib landed a stiff uppercut and knocked him to the canvas.

Pretty ugly way to start the night. That’s not really the kind of showcase boxing needs. A total mismatch between a promising fighter and a journeyman who should consider a career outside the ring.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ahmed Dib defeats Mike Wanprasert via TKO in Round 3.

8.14pm: Can’t see this fight going for much longer. Wanprasert took a standing eight count after a volley of punches from Dib, who really upped the tempo in that second round.

Tipping this will end in Round 3. Wanprasert looks like he doesn’t want to be in the ring at all … he’s not throwing any leather and seems to be slipping on the canvas.

Dib 20-17.

8.12pm: We’ve just seen the first round between yet another Billy Hussein prodigy in the undefeated Ahmed Dib (9-0) and Thai journeyman Mike Wanprasert (8-23-1).

First round will go to Dib, but no real action to speak of.

Going on his record, Wanprasert looks outclassed … but it’s worth noting he has been in the ring with some decent Australian fighters — the likes of Ryan Waters and Daniel Dawson.

Dib 10-9.

8.03pm: Whether you’re an Anthony Mundine fan — or whether you want to see him get knocked out! — one has to admire his transformation from rugby league star to boxing world champion.

The photo below perfectly illustrates that transformation. On the left, Mundine is pictured back in 1998 when he was a 90kg five-eighth for the St George Dragons. On the right is the photo of Mundine taken yesterday, when he weighed in at 69.5kg (just inside the 69.7kg light middleweight limit) for tonight’s fight.

Many people still have question marks over whether Mundine can be a force at light middleweight … a weight which is a real struggle for him to make … or whether he was better off sticking to middleweight or super middleweight, when he’d be able to carry a bit more muscle. Shane Mosley will certainly put that to the test tonight.

Photos: Getty Images.
Photos: Getty Images.

7.57pm: Well, this fight was supposed to be held last month … so I guess it’s no surprise that we’ve been kept waiting longer than the scheduled 7.30pm start time for the coverage to begin!

Commentators are now in the building and it looks like we’ll get some action soon. Commentator Barry Michael has just described Shane Mosley as one of the greatest lightweights or welterweights in the history of the sport … pretty fair call as well. He’s fought some of the biggest names in the sport … the likes of Floyd Mayweather Jr, Manny Pacquiao and Oscar de la Hoya.

7.45pm: Here’s the full fight card for tonight … we’ve had a late change, with a super middleweight bout between Bilal Akkaway and Walter Pupu’a cancelled. No reason given for that just yet … we’ll see what we can find out.

The heavyweight bout between Blake Ferguson and Luke Turner will be the immediate curtain-raiser to the Mundine vs Mosley bout.

The telecast was meant to start at 7.30pm, but still no sign of it starting on Main Event just yet.

• Weight TBA: Ahmed Dib (9-0) vs Mike Wanprasert (8-23-1)

• Light middleweight: Sam Ah See (8-0-1) vs Daniel Roy Maxwell (1-15-1)

• Cruiserweight: David Aloua (8-1) vs Mosese Sorovi (22-17-1)

• Super middleweight: Renold Quinlan (5-0) vs Joseph Kwadjo (21-6)

• Heavyweight: Blake Ferguson (debut) vs Luke Turner (debut)

• WBA International light middleweight title: Anthony Mundine (44-5) vs Shane Mosley (47-8)

7.40pm: Welcome to live coverage of the WBA International light middleweight title fight between Anthony Mundine vs Shane Mosley. I’m Daniel Sankey and I’ll be with you throughout the night with live updates from the entire card, which also features the pro boxing debut of rugby league star Blake Ferguson.

Click the owl    for the tale of the tape between Mundine and Mosley … and keep checking back for the latest news, tweets and more.

You can join the conversation by leaving a comment at the bottom of this story. I’ll be replying to reader comments throughout the night.

• FIGHT PREVIEW: ‘Do or die’ for Mundine as he aims to be first to KO Mosley

Can’t get to a Fox Sports venue to watch the Anthony Mundine vs Shane Mosley fight?

Don’t have access to the pay-per-view at home?

Never fear … The New Daily will bring you live coverage of Mundine and Mosley’s battle for the vacant WBA International light middleweight title from 7.30pm (AEDST) on Wednesday, November 27.

Join Daniel Sankey for live coverage from 7.30pm (AEDST) on Wednesday, November 27. We’ll cover the entire card, including the boxing debut of rugby league star Blake Ferguson.

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Mundine vs Mosley fight card  

• WBA International light middleweight title: Anthony Mundine (44-5) vs Shane Mosley (47-8)

• Super middleweight: Renold Quinlan (5-0) vs Joseph Kwadjo (21-6)

• Cruiserweight: David Aloua (8-1) vs Mosese Sorovi (22-17-1)

• Weight TBA: Ahmed Dib (9-0) vs Mike Wanprasert (8-23-1)

• Super middleweight: Bilal Akkawy (7-0) vs Walter Pupu’a

• Light welterweight: Dylan Emery (7-0) vs TBA

• Light middleweight: Sam Ah See (8-0-1) vs Daniel Roy Maxwell (1-15-1)

• Heavyweight: Blake Ferguson (debut) vs Luke Turner (debut)

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