Sport Basketball ‘Ridiculous’: Boomers outrage over basketball brawl suspensions

‘Ridiculous’: Boomers outrage over basketball brawl suspensions

boomers brawl
Troy Rike protects the fallen Chris Goulding during the infamous basketball biff session. Photo: Twitter
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Australian basketball greats reacted with anger and disbelief after three Boomers were suspended and Basketball Australia handed a hefty fine for the sickening brawl during a World Cup qualifier against the Philippines.

Boomers trio Daniel Kickert, Thon Maker and Chris Goulding have been suspended after an investigation into the fight.

Kickert, who sparked the fracas with his stray elbow, was hardest hit, suspended for five internationals while Milwaukee Bucks rising star Maker and Melbourne United player Goulding were suspended for three and one match respectively.

However, it was the suspensions handed down to the Philippines players and coaches that sparked the most controversy, with former Boomers stars Shane Heal and Andrew Bogut blasting the decision as “ridiculous”.

Speaking on Fox Sports, Heal said the Philippines officials got off far too lightly, especially Jio Jalalon, who was suspended for five games for entering the court and punching Boomers guard Nathan Sobey in the face as “ridiculous”.

“I can’t believe what I’m listening to, particularly from the sanctions and the suspensions from the Philippine players. Start with the person that wasn’t actually playing the game … he came on and literally punched Nathan Sobey on the end of the nose and he gets five games?” he said on Thursday.

“That’s assault, I was expecting it to be years.”

Heal went further on twitter, saying: “I’m still shaking my head about these suspensions. FIBA lost an opportunity to send a powerful message around the world that the disgraceful behaviour we witnessed is not tolerated in basketball. It doesn’t make sense!”

Meanwhile, former LA Laker Bogut made the assumption the Philippines team was let off lightly because it is one of three host nations for the upcoming 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup.

“If you are confused and shocked and what not with the penalties handed out in this FIBA brawl, check where the 2023 World Cup is. Case clo$ed!” he wrote.

Kickert, Maker and Goulding were disciplined by the FIBA disciplinary panel for unsportsmanlike behaviour, however Kickert and Goulding were also sanctioned for inciting unsportsmanlike behaviour.

Basketball Australia (BA) was handed a disciplinary fine of $135,000 for the unsportsmanlike behaviour of its players and “for abusing and/or tampering of equipment, after having removed floor stickers from the court on the eve of the game”.

Thon Maker flies through the air to break up opponents. Photo: AAP

The game’s governing body also rubbed out 10 Philippines players for a total of 35 games, an assistant coach got a three-game ban, while head coach Vincent ‘Chot’ Reyes was suspended for one game and fined $14,000.

The Philippines’ national federation was fined $337,000 and also ordered to play one home game behind closed doors and be on probation for the next three years.

The referees who officiated the game were also suspended by FIBA.

“FIBA wishes to emphasise that it condemns any form of violence, both on and off the court,” a FIBA statement read.

“Respect, sportsmanship and professionalism are expected from players, coaches, officials and all other stakeholders at every game.

“Moreover, host countries must ensure the highest standards of organisational conditions are in place to guarantee the safety and well-being of players and other participants at all times.”


Australia Philippines basketball brawl
Madness ensued in Australia’s match against the Philippines. Photo: Getty

BA has 14 days to decide whether to appeal the sanctions however chief executive Anthony Moore said that was unlikely to happen.

“It’s unlikely we will do that although it’s something that will be a conversation with the Players’ Association and the players,” Moore said on Thursday.

“Thon is in transit so we will be talking to his agent in the US so it’s something we will address in the coming 24 hours.

“We have a scheduled BA board meeting tomorrow so it’s something that we will talk through.”

BA may also impose its own penalties following a review although they could be concurrent.

Al Panlilio, president of the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas (SBP), the Philippine basketball body, said it had accepted the disciplinary panel’s decision and was in the process of reviewing it, in case there was potential to appeal.

“The SBP, together with the Gilas national basketball team, apologise to our countrymen and to the basketball community at large for our conduct to the incident,” the organisation said.

“We re-affirm the principle of no violence in any form on the basketball court or off it.”

Tensions boiled over with four minutes remaining in the third quarter of the July 2 game, with players and officials from both sides, plus a number of unruly fans, flooding the court in disgraceful scenes of violence.

The Boomers were cruising to victory with a 79-48 lead before the game descended into farce after Pogoy lashed out at Goulding with an errant elbow.

Kickert’s retaliation on Pogoy sparked the all-in brawl, which included punches, elbows, kicks and objects — including a chair — hurled at players.

The frustration from the bench spilled onto the court. Photo: Getty

The game was interrupted for more than 30 minutes as the referees assessed the situation, but eventually continued in ridiculous fashion, with the Philippines only able to field three players against Australia’s five.

International rules state that games must continue unless a team only has a single player available and the remaining Filipino players eventually fouled themselves out of the game, which was called off before the end of the third quarter.

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