Sport AFL AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan says Dane Swan ‘clearly’ hasn’t learned

AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan says Dane Swan ‘clearly’ hasn’t learned

Police are investigating the release of a lewd video featuring former Collingwood star Dane Swan. Photo: Getty
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AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan has publicly criticised former football star Dane Swan for his part in a sexually explicit video that was leaked online without his permission.

Swan has denied claims the video of him naked and kissing a woman was a ‘sex tape’ and instead labelled the clip a “gross breach of privacy” that was filmed and distributed without his consent.

In an 3AW radio interview on Friday, McLachlan conceded the video was a breach of privacy but was less than sympathetic to Swan for “getting into that situation”.

Host Neil Mitchell suggested “maybe [Swan] didn’t learn” from when salacious videos and photos of the Collingwood legend were leaked to Woman’s Day in January 2016.

Without hesitation, McLachlan responded, “Clearly”.

“Just don’t get yourself in that situation,” McLachlan said.

“I know that’s challenging and I know people do what they do, but that’s ultimately all you can do, I think.

“I don’t know if I learned all my lessons first time either. But in the end … understand the risk.”

McLachlan did acknowledge that the video was a breach of privacy, saying: “If something like this comes out it needs to be consented to.”

“Everyone, man or woman, should have their privacy respected,” he said.

But Collingwood great Tony Shaw defended Swan, telling 3AW on Friday McLachlan’s remarks were “totally inappropriate and unwarranted”.

“This wasn’t Swanny’s fault, at all,” Shaw said.

“He (McLachlan) should have supported him like he would have if you reversed the roles – male and female.”

Victoria Police are investigating how the footage of Swan in bed with a woman was posted online.

Following the 3AW radio interview, Mitchell called out Swan’s “misogynist mates”.

“What happened to Dane Swan was wrong and nobody – male or female – should have to put up with that type of intrusion but I’m a little amused by some of his mates, they could be misogynist mates, who are being outraged on his behalf,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

“I didn’t hear a lot of outrage when a young woman had her privacy brutalised by that Richmond player who photographed her topless and then circulated the photograph.”

Swan did not make an appearance on Thursday’s episode of The Footy Show but instead released a statement to Channel Nine about the matter.

“I have recently become aware of a video of me being published and circulated on the internet,” Swan said.

“Although the video was taken a long time ago, it has been posted and distributed only recently. It was taken and distributed without my consent. The distribution is a gross breach of my privacy.

“As the matter is under investigation, I have no further comment at this time and I ask that my privacy be respected.”

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