Sport AFL AFL star caught with pants down during game

AFL star caught with pants down during game

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Collingwood forward Alex Fasolo in under investigation for a bizarre on-field urination incident.

Fasolo, 23, is being investigated by the AFL for urinating into a cup while sitting on the interchange bench on Friday night.

The incident occurred in the second quarter of Collingwood’s win over Geelong in the NAB Challenge at Skilled Stadium.

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The broadcast cameras appeared to show Fasolo covering his groin with a towel and tucking a paper cup underneath it with his legs apart.

Based on the video, it appeared Fasolo did all he could to keep his conduct undercover, however the AFL has deemed the incident worthy of a probe.

Moments after the incident on Friday night, Fasolo’s injured teammate Jamie Elliott uploaded a video of it to Twitter, accompanied by what seemed to be his own raucous laughter.

The video had since been deleted, however video of the incident is widely available online.

Watch video of the incident below:

The Magpies’ change rooms on the night were located on the opposite side of the stadium due to a section of the stadium being redeveloped.

There was a vacant set of change rooms closer to Fasolo and the interchange bench, however Collingwood was unaware it was permitted to use them.

The AFL is expected to make a ruling on the matter later this week.

mark williams
Mark Williams was fined for a similar incident in the VFL. Photo: Getty

It is understood the league will take several factors into account before determining the outcome.

The only other similar incident in Australian Rules football involved former Hawthorn forward Mark Williams.

The sharp-shooter was reported for misconduct in 2008, under AFL law 19.2.2, after urinating on the field before a VFL match began.

There are 40 separate “specific offences” written into the 19.2.2 misconduct law.

The only one that could seemingly apply to Fasolo and the Williams case would be the last: “engaging in any other act of misconduct or serious misconduct”.

Williams was fined $500. 

However, AFL rule 22.12 “Hygeine”, states each club or team must ensure that: “(a) Players do not urinate (other than in a toilet) in or about any dressing rooms or on the playing surface prior to, during or immediately following the completion of any match.

“And (b) each of its Players observe a high standard of personal hygiene.”

Collingwood or Fasolo are yet to comment on the matter. 

‘A storm in a pee-cup’?

Given the nature of this incident, many have reacted with bewilderment and humour.

With matters like this making the headlines, the AFL and its fans would be desperately hoping the start of the season does not take too long to come around.

Here were some of the best responses to the saga online:

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