Sport AFL Former Eagle Daniel Kerr admits to ice use in past

Former Eagle Daniel Kerr admits to ice use in past

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Fallen West Coast Eagle star Daniel Kerr has admitted trying ice, and said the drug is a bigger problem for society than terrorism.

In an interview with Nine News, Kerr admitted to having a problem with alcohol and said he tried ice because it enabled him to keep going longer.

“I was drinking most days, doing the things that come along, I don’t want to go into those things,” Kerr said.

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“I have tried it (ice) and I have had a go at it and it’s … a big call that, but it is the biggest risk on society and it’s bigger than terrorism.

“It brainwashes you into a mindset of negativity.

“The amount of it on the streets and the purity … it’s only progressing.”

Kerr is due to be sentenced in July over an incident last year where he threatened to light a fire in a Glendalough residence.

And the 32-year-old feels a prison stint may be the kick needed to turn his life around.

“Obviously I don’t want to spend time in jail but the way my head works sometimes I need something big like that to pull my head in,” he said.


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