Sport AFL ‘He is quite distraught at the moment’

‘He is quite distraught at the moment’

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An amateur football club has asked a player to front its board over his altercation with Hawthorn AFL coach Alastair Clarkson.

Hackham Hawks player Luke Helps clashed with Clarkson outside an Adelaide hotel last weekend after the AFL team lost to Port Adelaide.

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Hawthorn officials have been in contact with those at the Adelaide amateur club over the incident and subsequent publicity.

Hackham club president Graham Thompson told 891 ABC Adelaide the young player would face the board.

“He wasn’t representing the club at the time but, unfortunately for the young fellow, he does sort of represent us just as a member and a player all the time I suppose so he does have a little bit to answer [for],” he said.

“He is quite distraught at the moment, he never expected it to go like this.

“Unfortunately his parents are away at the moment overseas too. He’s only a young fellow, we’re trying to help him out as best we can.

“We want to look after Luke and make sure that he’s OK and hopefully [the attention] will come to an end quite quickly.”

Mr Thompson said he spoke with the players as a group at training.

“I addressed the players last night [on media] and their social networking. We have this conversation with them every season, it’s not only Facebook but the footy forums etcetera,” he said.

“We’re making it very clear to the boys again that this sort of thing is just not acceptable.”

Mr Thompson did not indicate if the club was likely to take any action against its player, but police have not laid any charge over the altercation.

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