Sport AFL Commentator Brian Taylor’s ‘gay’ sledge rocks the AFL

Commentator Brian Taylor’s ‘gay’ sledge rocks the AFL

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A homophobic sledge has left commentator Brian Taylor in hot water, as the AFL campaigns to stop anti-gay sledging and discrimination.

Brian Taylor used the term “p***ter” when commenting on the way Geelong’s Harry Taylor was celebrating his 150th match, which involved the player giving a royal wave to the crowd as he was chaired off the ground after the match.

“I don’t know whether you guys down there can hear me or not. I am up here getting ready for the game and I’ve just seen that c**p from Harry – he’s a big p****er, I mean give them this one Harry,” he said as he made a rude gesture during Channel 7’s Saturday Night Footy panel show.

“You can’t be doing the old royal wave. Next thing you’ll have your mum and dad out there.”

His comments were met with some laughter from the panel, including Cameron Ling and Luke Darcy.

There was swift condemnation online and Brian Taylor apologised to the player during his Sydney v Carlton match call, saying he regretted the comment.

“In the pre-game show I said something that I regret, and I sincerely apologise in regard to Harry Taylor and anyone – and particularly Harry and any of his friends – that were offended by my remark,” he said.

“I apologise for that and I sincerely regret any harm that I have caused. So, sorry for that.”

In April five major sporting codes signed up to the new Anti-Homophbia Inclusion Framework, the AFL received praise for leading the way with a ban on homophobic sledges during games.