Sport AFL ‘You can say I’m very disappointed’

‘You can say I’m very disappointed’

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Carlton coach Mick Malthouse was fuming after three controversial incidents went against his team in the pulsating five-point AFL loss to Geelong.

Carlton were robbed in the second quarter on Friday night at Etihad Stadium when a wayward centre bounce was not recalled as it should have been.

That umpiring blunder resulted in a gift goal to Geelong seconds later.

The Blues coach said they also deserved two free kicks in front of goal during the frenetic last few seconds.

Geelong defender Jared Rivers caught Troy Menzel high as the Blues forward scrambled for the ball only a few metres from goal.

But the umpires had put their whistles away and play on was called.

Then, Carlton’s Mitch Robinson angrily pushed away Geelong runner Nigel Lappin as players prepared for a ball up deep in the Blues attack.

Again, no free kick was paid for the incident and the final siren sounded seconds later.

“I’m sorry, I’m just looking at seeing where Robinson couldn’t get to the football in the last minute of the game,” Malthouse said.

“Our player can’t get to the football.

“It should have been a free kick.”

Asked about the umpires’ reluctance to pay free kicks late in the match, Malthouse replied: “I think Troy Menzel would have thought that – what, five metres out. “It doesn’t matter what time of the (game) it is. “You have two very brave sides out there. “It needs a brave decision that is there to be free-kicked. “This is not about whether it’s the last minute or last 10 minutes – the last 10 minutes of your journey, you still can’t travel 70 in a 60 zone.”

Malthouse also claimed that Carlton had sought information from the umpiring department late this week, but had not heard back from them.

“You can say I’m very disappointed,” he said.

“Yes, we will be taking up certain issues that we’d like clarification on.”

The Cats were also unhappy that an umpire called their key forward Tom Hawkins to play on when he had a set shot in the last quarter.

Hawkins, who was taking a long time with his set shots, was clearly distracted and did not score.

“I genuinely don’t know whether that decision was right or not,” said Cats coach Chris Scott.

“If it was wrong, then it only offsets the centre bounce one when we got the goal.”

Scott also laughed off the Robinson-Lappin incident.

“I wouldn’t mind seeing the stoush – it would be good,” he said.

“Believe it or not, Nige can actually throw them.”

While Carlton were brave, the loss leaves them on 4-7 and well outside the top eight.

Blues onballer Bryce Gibbs had one of the best games of his career, kicking four goals in a best-afield performance.

“He had a terrific night,” Malthouse said.