Sport Boredom and bad food, AFL and NRL coaches in lockdown

Boredom and bad food, AFL and NRL coaches in lockdown

Yum: Nathan Buckley's toasties. Photo: Twitter
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Australia’s professional sports coaches may be going stir crazy in self-isolation, but at least they are eating like the rest of us – badly.

The NRL’s veteran Melbourne Storm coach Craig Bellamy has admitted he’s bored without the daily routine of sport and had filled his time with exercise and coffee.

“I’m finding it a bit boring, to be quite honest, but I’m sticking to the rules,” Bellamy told AAP.

“I’m doing a little bit of training and going for a walk and getting a coffee in the afternoon, but other than that I’m inside.

I’ve been doing a bit of footy stuff – spent a bit of time watching the other teams and I’m sure other coaches are doing the same.’’

Well, not quite.

Bellamy may be bored, but at least he has not yet been reduced to taking pictures of his comfort food and tweeting it, like Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley.

On a day when his club president Eddie McGuire set off a media storm on the issue of refunds for members, Buckley was kicking back at home – apparently temporarily freed from the need to set an example for his players.

Firing off an image of two cheese toasted sandwiches to former teammate and suburban football coach Brodie Holland, who responded with a picture of a half-eaten pizza.

There was no indication whether this was just food love or a top-level troll of their players, who may not be playing at the moment, but still are required to keep up their fitness levels should the season resume.

And with AFL shutdown until at least May 31 and the clubs facing a financial crisis, down St Kilda way they’re still working hard to keep the sponsors happy.

Coach Brett Ratten appeared on a video broadcast from his home on Thursday with sponsors logos behind him – drawn and coloured in by his children.

Let’s hope he rewarded the kids with a toastie.