Sport Jarryd Hayne wants ‘rape’ civil suit thrown out of US court

Jarryd Hayne wants ‘rape’ civil suit thrown out of US court

Jarryd Hayne NFL 49ers
Jarryd Hayne when he played in the NFL. Photo: Getty
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NRL player Jarryd Hayne has formally denied raping a woman in the United States in 2015 saying she “consented to all actions that took place”.

In a civil suit filed in California in December, a young woman claims Hayne took her back to his San Jose home and raped her when she was drunk in late 2015.

He was playing gridiron for the San Francisco 49ers at the time.

The woman says she was a virgin when attacked and she subsequently suffered vaginal pain for months before going to a hospital emergency department in April 2016.

Her lawyer, John Clune, said that at the time she was so intoxicated she was “unable to consent to sexual intercourse”.

But Hayne says the woman followed him out of a bar on the night of the alleged incident and used his phone to order an Uber back to where he was staying.

In defence documents filed to the County of Santa Clara court in March, Hayne denies the woman was injured at all.

He states the woman “willingly engaged in sexual interaction that did not include sexual intercourse”.

Hayne’s lawyers also say the claims for punitive damages are unconstitutional.

They have called for the complaint to be dismissed and for the court to order Hayne be awarded costs including legal fees.