Sponsored With the cost of living rising, here’s how to balance your budget

With the cost of living rising, here’s how to balance your budget

Health Insurance savings
Find more appropriate health cover to fight the cost of living. Photo: Getty
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Aussies nationwide are experiencing higher costs of living, thanks to inflation and interest rate rises.

But there are ways to protect your wallet while still meeting your health cover needs.

Take a few minutes out of your day and save big

When was the last time you checked your health cover?

If it has been several months or years, then you’re probably paying far more than you need to.

Yes, the everyday cost of living is on the rise, but you can still take advantage of big savings if you know where to look.

Health Insurance savings
Switching health insurance can help keep cost-of-living expenses down. Photo: Getty

The specialists at Health Insurance Comparison understand that rising inflation and interest rates are hitting regular Australians hard – which is why they can help you compare great value health policies# from a panel of leading insurers.

They can even take care of the switching process, possibly saving you hundreds of dollars in just a few minutes.

The proof is in the savings

We’ve helped save our customers an average of $320* on their annual health insurance costs when they switched policies through us.

Think about what that could mean for you in the face of rising everyday expenses.

Our specialists will help you get the most value from your health policy, so you can get back to living your best life without worrying about sky-high premiums.

Ready to fight the rising cost of living and save on your health cover?

Start comparing policies today.

References:* Based on 111,658 policies sold Jan 2017–Nov 2021 # Health Insurance Comparison compares selected products from a panel of trusted insurers. We do not compare all products in the market.