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Cryptocurrency learn platform
Swyftx Learn is a no-brainer for beginners looking to get familiar with cryptocurrency. Photo: Getty
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Cryptocurrency, once a little-known investment category, has now become a hugely popular choice for Australian investors.

The world of crypto has opened up to people of all ages as more and more investors hear of the good returns at affordable entry prices.

Yet with so much information circulating, this futuristic online investing remains a mystery to some.

There are different types of cryptocurrencies and a variety of ways to invest it, not to mention evolving theories on trading .

So where to start?

Australian cryptocurrency exchange Swyftx has just launched an online platform where beginners can inform themselves on everything from the origins of cryptocurrencies to different methods people use to keep their investment safe from hackers and cyber thieves.

Cryptocurrency education
Improving your crypto game takes constant learning. Photo: Getty

Swyftx Learn is free, so anyone can go online and use it at any time.

It is structured around short, simple and easy-to-understand courses on cryptocurrency, blockchain, trading and analysis, Ethereum, decentralised finance (DeFi) and altcoins.

The trading and analysis and decentralised finance courses are aimed at those at the intermediate level of crypto knowledge, while the remaining courses are all for beginners just starting to learn about crypto.

Each course has between three and five lessons, and will take between 27 and 53 minutes to complete.

A good place to start is the Intro to Cryptocurrency, which covers cryptocurrency categories and use cases, crypto investing options for beginners, six possible crypto mistakes to avoid as a beginner, and how to store cryptocurrencies.

Your knowledge is tested at the very end of the course with a quiz.

Swyftx Learn is a no-brainer for beginners who need to get started with some clear and easy to understand information. But it’s also a good choice for more seasoned people who want to constantly inform and improve their investing skills.

Because even if you think you know crypto and have been interested for some time now, Swyftx Learn could open your eyes to some basic or new information you may have missed along the way.

Best of all, it’s a free online resource. You can learn at your own pace and return to it when you need to revise.

Learn more about Swyftx Learn.