Sponsored Reimagining wellness – trends to watch in 2022

Reimagining wellness – trends to watch in 2022

The Wellness Reimagined Summit will explore how wellness has been revalued in the wake of the pandemic, and emerging wellness trends.
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Wellness is a modern word with ancient roots.

Our understanding and value of wellness has been redefined following COVID-19, with people looking to renew their sense of health and wellbeing.

So how has science and research contributed to this revaluing of wellness, and how will technology reshape the future of the wellness industry?

These are just some of the themes explored in Wellness Reimagined Summit, hosted by Access Corporate Group in collaboration with the Global Wellness Institute.

Presented by Livia Wang, chief brand officer at Access Corporate Group, and Warren Liu, chief strategy officer at Access Corporate Group, the summit featured global guest panellists including: Dr Ross Walker, leading Australian expert on Preventive Health; Dr Peter D Vash, Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA; Greg Macpherson, founder of SRW Laboratories, Dr Julie Z Chen, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, and Ophelia Yeung – Global Wellness Institute researcher. 

“The pandemic in the last year has really challenged us, but it has also fuelled discoveries and new applications for natural ingredients for the treatment and prevention of pathogens,” Dr Julie Z Chen says.

“The area of immune health has definitely accelerated, and we are seeing the importance of diet and nutritional supplements as we battle this pandemic.”

The science behind the wellness industry is also accelerating more towards high-tech solutions to address health and wellness needs at a cellular level, with a focus on addressing ageing and preventing disease.

“Cellular senescence in an evolving area with exciting potential anti-aging applications. I am confident that this will be a huge trend over the next decade as we all access ways to remove senescent cells from our body and experience the health benefits,” explains SRW founder Greg Macpherson.

We are in a time of incredible advances in knowledge across so many disciplines.

We see this as it relates to health with the sophisticated therapies, supplements, diagnostics and even wearables that are becoming embedded in our everyday life and are having a positive impact on our health.

We can expect more of the same in the future, wearables that identify when we are becoming unwell days before we know it so that treatments can happen before problems occur.

To find out more about how wellness has been revalued in the wake of the pandemic, and learn about the emerging wellness trends, tune in to the Wellness Reimagined Summit, available to watch online and via the VTN app, available for iPhone and Android.

Using every day to build a better, healthier life is at the heart of Access Corporate Group, a trusted partner of quality, scientifically proven products.

Find out more here: https://www.accesscorporate.com where you can access the webinar too.