Sponsored A credit card purpose-built for small businesses

A credit card purpose-built for small businesses

Archa Mastercard® is purpose-designed for small businesses. Photo: Getty
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Small business owners who want life to be just that bit easier are turning to a new credit card to iron out the hassles.

Archa, a Melbourne-based fintech, has released a next-generation business credit card to help small business owners manage their spending all in one place.

Archa’s Mastercard offers flexible credit limits up to $50,000 and unlike others, a 30-day line of credit.

There’s no interest (you read it right – no interest charged) and transparent pricing.

With a flat monthly subscription fee, you won’t get stung by any hidden charges or unexpected fees.

This alone is enough to entice small businesses who are closely watching their budgets this time of year.

Archa Mastercard® is a time-saver for small business owners. Photo: Getty

Another big tick for time-poor small business owners is the ability to create as many credit cards as you want for all your employees instead of putting all your eggs in one basket.

This saves you time managing reimbursements, and with the ability to set limits and view all transactions from Archa’s app, small business owners can empower their workers and have more time for themselves to expand the business.

There’s more good news around the corner too.

Archa not only keeps track of your spending, but will soon plug straight into systems such as Xero, QuickBooks and MYOB.

This keeps budgets neat and up to date, without the need for time-consuming cross-checks of credit card statements and receipts.

The ability to earn a good credit score is also appealing for small businesses.

By repaying their expenses in full each month, small businesses can build a credit score to be proud of.

Applications made with Archa are simple and fast, so it’s easy to slot into your work day.

The card is also Apple Pay and Google Pay certified, so it’s accessible using your phone or wearable devices.

Archa launched its credit cards to make ‘doing business’ easier for Australia’s small business owners.

Visit archa.com.au to learn more about the corporate credit card built for small businesses.