Sponsored How to stand out when going for a new job

How to stand out when going for a new job

Sell your best attributes to show you are the best person for the job over anyone else. Photo: Getty
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Selling your unique skills and talents is key during the recruitment process.

Showing employers what sets you apart from the competition is what wins you the role.

So here we look at some expert tips on how to draw attention to your points of difference:

1. Pinpoint your unique qualities

What do you bring to the role most others wouldn’t?

What is it that makes you the best person for the job over anyone else?

Elyssia Clark, SEEK Head of Customer Research & Strategy, said don’t be afraid to really sell your best attributes.

“Even though you might tend to be a modest person, employers need to know why you are the best candidate for the role, so speak up and be confident,” she said.

“Use recent examples to highlight your qualities. It might be a solution to a problem you worked towards, either individually or as a team, or a creative-thinking approach that produced a particular outcome.”

2. Highlight leadership

Leadership skills are on every employer’s wishlist.

The ability to lead is a culmination of many skills, such as communication, respect and initiative.

Showing you have these skills, even if you have never been in a management position, signals you are a great team player as well as a potential leader.

Employers value positive personality traits highly. Photo: Getty

3. Prepare examples

Be ready to back up your skills and experience with details of recent examples. The more specific you are with numbers, the better.

“For example, ‘I led a six-month sales campaign that produced $5 million in revenue’ sounds a lot more solid than, ‘I led a sales campaign that produced a huge revenue’,” Ms Clark said.

4. Summarise your experience

A personal summary at the top of your resume helps time-poor employers understand a lot about you in a quick read.

Sum up why you are ideal for the role in three or four sentences and try to use words from the job description to keep your summary relevant to the position.

5. Update your SEEK profile

Employers often look at a lot of profiles on the one platform because it’s convenient and easy to compare jobseekers.

Think about this when you are finessing your profile and ensure you update it regularly.

“A detailed and up-to-date online profile is a winning component of your job application,” Ms Clark said.

“You can often fit more information on your profile than you can on your resume, so it can be an informative source for employers who want to know more about you.”

6. Ask insightful questions

Asking questions is another opportunity to let your winning qualities shine during the interview process.

Try to link your questions to something your employer has said or a detail that was described in the job listing.  For example, “You spoke of the company’s growth plans, can you tell me more?”

7. Personality pays off

Employers value positive personality traits highly.

A June 2021 SEEK survey found two out of three employers would prefer to hire someone who has passion for a role, but limited experience, over someone who’s fully qualified but lacks passion.

Four out of five hirers have employed someone who is enthusiastic, willing to learn and motivated, but who lacks the right technical skills.

You’ve got more skills than you know.

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Source: Independent research conducted by Nature of behalf of SEEK, interviewing 4800 Australians annually (June 2021).