Sponsored How hearing clinics are adjusting to social distancing

How hearing clinics are adjusting to social distancing

Why it’s still safe to get a hearing aid test
Why it’s still safe to get a hearing aid test. Photo: Getty
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At a time when we’re being encouraged to stay home as much as possible, it’s unsurprising if you feel you need to put off any health needs that involve leaving the house, including getting a hearing test.

But being on top of your hearing is crucial to leading a happy and healthy life, which is why plenty of clinics have remained open as they know a hearing test is an essential service to many.

It’s why Australians are flocking to Hearing Aid Finder – its expert team take the hard work out of booking a free hearing test with a local clinic.

Hearing Aid Finder works with audiologists who offer remote tests and maintain the highest standards of hygiene in their physical spaces and adhere to all social distancing protocols.

Why it’s still safe to get a hearing aid test
Hearing clinics have remained open during lockdown. Here’s how they’re staying COVID-safe and why you shouldn’t delay getting your hearing tested. Photo: Getty

Why might I need a hearing test?

A tell-tale early sign of hearing loss is other people at your home complaining the TV is too loud.

You may also be struggling to hear people in noisy environments or strain to understand accents.

If you think you might need a hearing test, it’s important to book as soon as possible.

Hearing loss has a significant impact on quality of life and affects everything from your mental health to your physical safety. It’s why audiologists recommend you don’t put off getting tested.

How are clinics keeping me safe?

The first step is an initial phone consultation, where you’ll be asked a few questions to determine if you need to attend an appointment in person.

Hearing clinics are safe to attend as they only allow a small number of people in at one time and the spaces are sanitised frequently to COVID-safe standards.

If you can’t leave your house – either because of self-isolation or mobility issues – many clinics also offer online listening tests.

While face-to-face tests will be more comprehensive, an online test can help determine whether you need further assessment in person.

How do I book a test?

Hearing Aid Finder makes it simple to book a free hearing test, whether you’re an experienced hearing aid user or have just become concerned about your hearing.

Hearing Aid Finder works with specialist audiologists. Between them, they take the hassle out of booking an appointment and finding a competitively priced hearing aid.

Don’t put off that test only longer – it only takes a few clicks to get on top of your hearing.

Get in touch with Hearing Aid Finder today.

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