Sponsored Best food matches for new wave wines

Best food matches for new wave wines

New wave wines are utterly fantastic enjoyed with food. Photo: Wine Selectors
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One of the great strengths of so-called ‘new wave’ wines is how well they go with food – unsurprising really, given they largely hail from such legendary food and wine countries as Spain and Italy.

Let’s tuck in with some basic pointers on pairing these awesome alternative wines with some of your favourite foods.

The spiced meat flavours of kofte pair beautifully with full-bodied new wave reds like Durif. Photo: Wine Selectors


As with the classic French varieties, a simple rule of thumb for food and wine pairings with alternative styles is to match red with red, pairing wine with food of comparable flavour intensity.

Durif, Malbec and Sagrantino, with their bold fruit flavours and tannin density, are perfect matches for barbecues, slow-roasted lamb or any other dish where red meat takes centre stage.

Try this spiced lamb kofte with cucumber and yoghurt salad with a full-bodied new wave red and let those rich flavours really sing!

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The lush textural qualities of Viognier make it a superb match with poultry dishes. Photo: Wine Selectors


There are few better ways to enjoy chicken and turkey than with a delicious white wine, and new wave styles are no exception.

If you’re preparing a classic roast chicken, Viognier’s rich, textural palate and mouth-filling flavours of apricot and ginger makes a perfect match.

Alternatively, a spicy chicken noodle dish will really shine with the bright acidity of Grüner Veltliner, while a creamy chicken and mushroom pasta finds its ideal partner with Fiano.

Try this roast chicken with parsnip mash recipe with Viognier … and prepare your taste buds for pure pleasure.

Garganega is a natural partner to crab dishes. Photo: Wine Selectors


With many new wave wines hailing from places with rich maritime heritages, it’s no surprise to learn that alternative white varietals are a match made in heaven with seafood.

Whether pairing Fiano with smoked fish or Chenin Blanc with simply-prepared seafood, you can’t go wrong.

The almond flavours and bright fruit characters of Garganega, meanwhile, makes it a wonderful wine to enjoy with richer fish, as well as shellfish like oysters and crab.

For something that will really make your palate dance, try a glass of Garganega with this great little salt and pepper spanner crab recipe!

The texture and flavour of this Caprese di pesca pairs perfectly with Fiano. Photo: Wine Selectors


There’s never been a better time to explore the flavour combinations afforded to meat-free Mondays by new wave wines.

Chenin Blanc’s refreshing acidity makes it a natural partner to light salads, and Fiano’s savoury texture sees it match nicely with a Caprese salad.

Fried zucchini flowers are a treat with Pinot Blanc, while Garganega makes a delicious match with a mushroom and spinach quiche.

For a novel wine and salad pairing, pour a glass of Fiano and partner it with Dan Pepperell’s Caprese di pesca – you won’t be disappointed.


Looking for more great food and wine matches? Our friends at Wine Selectors have you covered: Try their Food and Wine Pairing Essentials Guide, or their excellent Takeout Tastings series … enough to satisfy the hungriest wine lover.

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