Sponsored Five dry styles of Rosé you must try!

Five dry styles of Rosé you must try!

: Rosé can be made from a variety of different grapes. Here are five must-try styles! Photo: Wine Selectors
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Alluring in colour, aromatic on the nose and divinely dry to taste, Rosé can be made in a range of styles largely dependent on the grapes used.

Here are our five must-try styles!


Shiraz – or as it’s sometimes known here, Syrah – makes a stunning flavour base for Rosé, imparting a somewhat fuller body and more forward flavours to the wine.

In terms of flavour characters, expect a little spice with white pepper notes, hints of charcuterie or cured meat, and bright cherry flavours with a hint of bitter citrus for a next-level summer sipper.


More and more Australians are discovering the charms of Sangiovese and, consequently, more and more winemakers are turning out beautiful Rosé with it.

If you ever see a Rosato, it’s a safe bet it was made using Sangiovese grapes.

Expect a dry yet flavoursome burst of cherry sweetness with wild strawberry notes and some savoury spice underpinning it all, in a somewhat complex – but highly approachable – mix.


Ahh, Pinot Noir! One of our most-loved varietals, this seductive fruit also makes for a compelling Rosé style.

Given how pernickety Pinot can be if conditions aren’t quite right, so-so vintages are often harnessed in the making of Pinot Noir Rosé – but while such grapes might not pass muster for a single variety release, they’re just perfect for a Rosé release.

Typically made in a delicate and dry style with soft flavours of strawberry and white cherry underlined by some peppery notes, these are light, textural wines that are a sheer delight.


Grenache, which particularly thrives in the South Australian regions of McLaren Vale and the Barossa, has emerged as a highly popular variety in the production of modern Australian Rosé.

Generally a touch sweeter than other Rosés, it is nonetheless on the drier side with vibrant notes of berry-based fruit flavours, underscored with boiled lolly-like characters – the perfect treat to beat the heat.

If you’re new to the world of Rosé, you’re sure to find a favourite among these distinctive styles. Photo: Wine Selectors


Distinguished by its slightly deeper, reddish colour, Rosé made from Cabernet grapes offers bright cherry-berry flavours, often with an herbaceous, savoury edge – think pepper spice and capsicum notes.

They also display a touch more acidity, as they’re not commonly aged in oak, making for a truly mouth-watering style that you’ll return to again and again.

Simply put, if you’re new to the world of Rosé, you’re sure to find a favourite among these distinctive styles, ensuring some happy sipping over the long, hot summer. Enjoy!

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