Sponsored Best food matches for Rosé

Best food matches for Rosé

Rosé is one of the most versatile, food-friendly wines around. Photo: Wine Selectors
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If you’re looking for the ultimate wine to pair with your festive selections, look no further than dry-style Rosé.

Modern, sophisticated, and equally appealing to lovers of both red and white wines, its diversity and sheer deliciousness makes it a wonderful wine to match with almost any kind of cuisine.

Here are some of our favourite pairings!


While Rosé can pair well with any food, the trick to finding the right Rosé for the right food is by looking at the red or white equivalents.

For instance, very light and dry Rosé will pair with most anything that suits dry white wines – think light pastas and white rice dishes, as well as salads and seafood (particularly shellfish).

Bolder, more full-bodied Rosé wines (like those made from Shiraz) on the other hand are a great match for rich and spicy cuisines such as Indian curries or Mexican dishes.

When it comes to cheese, a similar principle applies.

Tart, tangy acidic goat’s cheese will pair well with light, dry-style Rosé, whereas a gooey (not runny!) cheese like Camembert is a wonderful match for fruiter styles with restrained sweetness.

Mature, harder cheese on the other hand, such as aged Cheddar, are ideal with the more savoury style Rosé wines like those made from Cabernet.

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Vietnamese summer salad

The sprightly flavours of a Vietnamese summer salad pair beautifully with light, dry Rosé styles. Photo: Wine Selectors

Linguine of prawns, mussels and clams

The delicate shellfish flavours of this linguine dish are ideal with a lighter-style Rosé. Photo: Wine Selectors

Pea, mint and ricotta risotto

For a delightfully zesty pairing, match your light, dry-style Rosé with this risotto dish. Photo: Wine Selectors


Anjum Anand’s Mangalorean chicken curry

For a deliciously spicy combination, pair this chicken curry dish with a lovely Shiraz-based Rosé. Photo: Wine Selectors

Mexican feast

Pair your fuller-bodied Rosé with some Mexican flavours for an ay caramba taste sensation! Photo: Wine Selectors

Lyndey Milan’s beetroot-cured salmon

The savoury notes of this salmon dish complement a fuller-bodied Shiraz Rosé superbly. Photo: Wine Selectors


Looking for more great food matches for Rosé?

Our friends at Wine Selectors have you covered: Try their wine and charcuterie guide – Rosé will match with most any of the suggestions there. Or, explore their vast selection of cheese-based recipes … but make sure there’s enough to go around.

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