Sponsored Safety when using a ride service

Safety when using a ride service

13cabs says there are a few things to consider when booking a ride to ensure you have a safe and secure journey. Photo: 13cabs
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Ride services make life easier for those of us who don’t have their own vehicles, can’t drive or just want to let someone else do the driving.

With door-to-door service. They provide a hassle-free way to get from A to B, a faster option than public transport and they are much more convenient.

When using a ride service, you want to know you’re in good hands.

Not all rides are created equal – you want to be with leaders in service, vehicle sanitisation and safety before, during and after you ride.

According to 13cabs, Australia’s favourite ride, there are a few things you should consider when booking a ride to ensure you have a safe and secure journey.

Safety on the roads

To start with, you need to choose a ride service that is committed to keeping you safe.

Built-in cameras and built-in GPS tracking devices that are monitored around the clock by an Australian-based call centre team are a great way for passengers to feel safer on the roads.

At 13cabs vehicles are subject to rigorous safety inspections every four months, including checkpoints that cover the vehicle exterior, interior and mechanical aspects.

This helps ensure you to feel better about the ride you’re in, and finally, you want to choose a service that is clearly marked – this ensures you know who you’re travelling with, so you can guarantee it’s a reputable ride booking service.

One of the things the 13cabs app offers is the MyDriver feature. Photo: 13cabs

Professional drivers

When choosing your ride, you want drivers that know the area, are professionally trained, police checked and their vehicles have all the required insurances.

If their driving history is monitored throughout their employment, even better. You need to know who the driver is, with easy-to-access ID.

If you find a driver you like, being able to use that driver time and time again can make a big difference to your confidence when travelling in a ride service.

One of the things the 13cabs app offers is the MyDriver feature – this lets users save a particular driver to the app so they can request them any time they need to travel.

User-friendly booking

Booking a ride shouldn’t be stressful.

If you’re ready now, you don’t want to be waiting for three hours for your ride to arrive.

Look for a service that’s easy to use, provides a full range of options including app, online and telephone booking, and one that allows you to choose the type of service you need for any number of people.

Want to let loved ones know where you are? It’s easy with the 13cabs app.

Trips booked via the 13cabs app can be shared with family and friends. Once a trip has been booked, simply click on the “share trip” icon to share the location and status of the trip with your contacts.

13cabs have set the standard in vehicle sanitisation for the industry. Photo: 13cabs

Everything you need

When it comes to booking a ride, you also want versatility. Safety and security are essential, particularly if you’re going on a longer journey.

You want comfortable seats, plenty of leg room and space for extra luggage if required. You could also be requiring wheelchair-accessible transport, group travel, assistance to install your baby car seats and airport transfers.

And imagine an on-call service that can run errands for you as well? Need Panadol for your baby at 3am?

Can’t get to the chemist to pick up your script? Did you know 13cabs offer this service?

13things parcel delivery is available 24-7 and there’s no extra charge for urgent pick ups and deliveries, with instant pick up in under 10 minutes.

Ride safe

In light of the ever-evolving COVID-19 situation you want to continue to book your rides confident that your ride service is following the best advice from experts and the Department of Health to ensure the wellbeing of both passengers and drivers.

13cabs have set the standard in vehicle sanitisation for the industry with free and regular vehicle sanitisation available for drivers across the nation.

Taking into account the features we’ve mentioned above, you’re more likely to have a comfortable and safe journey by choosing a reputable company like 13cabs, which is Australia’s favourite ride service.