Sponsored Best food matches for Shiraz

Best food matches for Shiraz

Shiraz is the perfect partner to most any red meat dish. Photo: Wine Selectors
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Shiraz is one of the tastiest, most food-friendly wines around, and is a near-perfect pairing for any red meat dish you could think of.

But it’s also a winner with many hearty vegetable-based dishes as well as some rich sweets – it really does do it all.

Here are our picks for the best food matches to enjoy with a glass or two of premium Australian Shiraz.

Lyndey Milan’s braised oxtail with Italian flavours
Hearty, rich, and filling, this Italian-inspired beef dish from popular chef Lyndey Milan is as rustic and rewarding as it gets – and an utterly perfect partner to a dense, brooding and full-flavoured Shiraz.

Aussie lamb burger
Put a gourmet twist on your classic burger with this indulgent lamb burger. With its tzatziki base and golden caramelised onions in the mix, a nice medium-bodied, cool-climate Shiraz makes for a beautiful pairing to its flavours.

Beef in particular is the classic pairing with Shiraz. Photo: Wine Selectors

Argentinian beef steak with chimichurri sauce
One great thing about Shiraz is that some of the more savoury styles make for absolutely delicious pairings with somewhat spicier fare, like this delicious Argentinian beef steak with chimichurri sauce.

Chocolate soufflé with Shiraz syrup
Do you have something of a sweet tooth? Go all out for indulgence with this chocolate soufflé, made even more lush by its rich Shiraz syrup.

The plummy fruit-forward flavours of the wine syrup and the rich flavours of the chocolate are just divine!

Lyndey Milan’s bruschetta with eggplant, capsicum and olives
It’s not just red meat that is a treat when enjoyed with a good Shiraz. Eggplant is especially well suited to the mouth-filling flavours of Shiraz, especially when prepared in the manner of this satisfying bruschetta with eggplant, capsicum and olives.

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