Sponsored Health insurance is confusing. Here’s how to decide which cover is right for you

Health insurance is confusing. Here’s how to decide which cover is right for you

Non-profit health insurers like Latrobe Health Services put a priority on care for members and communities. Photo: Latrobe Health Services
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We get it: Health insurance is confusing. So how do we choose what health cover we need?

A great place to start is to look for a health fund that’s ‘the right fit’ for you – and one that can guide you, like a friend, to manage your health.

Many will be familiar with the big for-profit funds, whose role it is to provide a financial return for investors.

But there are dozens of other health funds that are ‘member owned’, the not-for-profits that exist to support their members and provide the best care possible – and who give back to the community.

Members Health Fund Alliance health insurers, funds such as Latrobe Health Services, prioritise the health of their members over profit and represent the interests of more than three million Aussies.

Latrobe Health Services works with its members to ensure their health cover suits the members’ needs. Photo: Latrobe Health Services

“It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to taking out private health insurance,” Latrobe Health CEO Ian Whitehead says.

“But if you’re interested in a fund that cares about its members, that dollar-for-dollar returns a high amount in benefits and is committed to supporting community, then a non-profit health insurer is a great place to start.

“At Latrobe Health Services, our priority is to empower you to make choices about the health care you receive and make sure you’ve got the right cover for your circumstances. And we’ll support you when times are tough.” Read More.

Extra support from your health fund can make all the difference during times of hardship.

Latrobe Health decided to ease the additional financial burden caused by the COVID-19 pandemic with an $8 million support package for its members (read more).

The Victorian-based fund also provided $1 million in community support for family violence and youth and mental health support services Berry Street, Anglicare Victoria and Quantum in response to the pandemic (read more).

The little things can also be a good guide as to which fund is the right fit for you – like good old-fashioned service.

While the pandemic means many customers are wanting to interact with funds online, others still prefer to deal with a real person.

“That’s why when you ring Latrobe Health Services, you’ll speak to one of our team from the Victorian call centre, and why, in our 69th year, we’ve recommitted to keeping its branches open,” Mr Whitehead says.

How much you pay for your premiums is of course another big factor in your choice of cover.

“What’s important is the inclusions on your cover and how much the fund returns in benefits for every dollar that members invest,” says Mr Whitehead.

“When you weigh everything up – what’s included, the service, the member support, care for the community, the benefits paid and the cost – the cheapest product may not necessarily be the best value.”

For more information about Latrobe Health Services, head to the website.