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Perfect pizza wines

Pizza and wine are one of the world’s great food and wine combinations. Photo: Wine Selectors
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Wine and pizza. Like bacon and eggs and cookies and cream, some things in life are just meant to be. To help you find the perfect wine to go with your favourite pizza, we’ve put together this handy little guide.

Margherita’s simple, classic flavours of tangy tomato, creamy mozzarella and fragrant basil pairs best with light/medium-bodied wines that bring out the pizza’s flavours without overpowering it.

Pairing wine with margherita pizza
Pair with: Pinot Grigio, Sangiovese, Rosé.
Best to avoid: Heavy wines like Cabernet and Shiraz

Opt for a wine with rich, fruity flavours like a Sangiovese. Its savoury qualities and moderate acidity will cut through the pepperoni’s fat and saltiness, for the perfect moreish match.

Pairing wine with pepperoni pizza
Pair with: Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and blends, Pinot Grigio
Best to avoid: Lighter-style wines such as Rosé.

When it comes to pairing with Hawaiian pizza, it really is a case of opposites attract! Look for a wine that’s reasonably sweet to balance the saltiness of the ham, while enhancing the pineapple punch.

Pairing wine with hawaiian pizza
Pair with: Fiano, Verdelho, Rosé or Pinot Noir
Best to avoid: Rich, fruity reds such as Shiraz.

With such intense meaty flavours, you’re going to need a wine that’s up to the task. A big wine with elevated tannins and rich fruity flavours will match perfectly with the rich fattiness of the meat.

Pairing wine with meatlovers pizza
Pair with: Cabernet Sauvignon or Tempranillo, Shiraz, Malbec.
Best to avoid: White wine

The smokiness and sweetness of the barbeque sauce will pair perfectly with the fruitiness of a lighter-bodied red, with fine tannins that will work beautifully with the chicken without overpowering it.

Pairing wine with BBQ chicken pizza
Pair with: Pinot Noir, or Dolcetto, Merlot, Chardonnay, Rosé.
Best to avoid: Light-bodied white wines.

If you like your vegetables where you can see them on a pizza, think about a wine that’s not going to compete with the mix of components going on in a Vegetarian pizza.

Pairing wine with vegetarian pizza
Pair with: Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc, Prosecco, Fiano, Rosé.
Best to avoid: Deep, full-bodied reds like Shiraz, which will overpower the humble veggies.

Keep these top wine tips in mind next time you’re enjoying pizza, for the perfect night in!

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