Sponsored The value of private health insurance during the COVID-19 pandemic

The value of private health insurance during the COVID-19 pandemic

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There’s never been more uncertainty when it comes to our health, and while many of us are trying to cut back our expenses due to loss of income and jobs, one thing that should remain in place (or you should consider getting) is private health insurance.

Although in general, the treatment of COVID-19 is based through the public health system, the long-term effects of the illness are still unknown.

And for those who do test positive to the virus, having private health insurance could assist them in the long run, should they be living with ongoing health issues.

It can also assist with problems that are ongoing or in need of emergency assistance.

Signing up for, or keeping your private health insurance offers many benefits to both your short-term and long-term health, including the following:

Emergencies & Accidents: There’s an old saying that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong – and that includes your health.

Even if you don’t end up sick with COVID-19, you could still be at risk of other illnesses, including more serious complications such as a heart attack, to the flu, or even dental emergencies.

Not only that, but if you have an accident, even though general emergency care is public, if you require ongoing treatment, you’ll be covered.

Elective Surgery: Although many elective surgeries have been put on hold in various states, according to COVID lockdown laws, if you are on the list for elective surgery and you cancel your private health now, you could face lengthy public hospital waiting lists when these services open up again.

Services such as IVF, cancer screening, post-cancer reconstruction, surgery for children, and joint replacements are just some of the services covered by private health that are currently being administered across Australia.

Mental Health: According to the Australian government, the introduction of lockdowns and social distancing has resulted in an increase of mental health problems, such as anxiety and loneliness.

Many private health plans include cover for psychological support that can assist you now, and into the future.

Easy Access To Services: It’s important to note that private health service providers offer a range of services that are still accessible, despite lockdowns in place.

You can still access specialists, physiotherapy sessions and psychology appointments – they’ve just moved to telehealth instead.

Through video calls and Skype, you can also continue with rehabilitation care, occupational therapy, speech pathology and dietetics.

If you want to find out more about private health insurance and how it could help you get through the pandemic, get in touch with the team at GMHBA today.