Sponsored Why it’s easy to switch health insurance providers

Why it’s easy to switch health insurance providers

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Want hassle-free, cost-effective health insurance? It’s so easy to compare health funds and switch to a better provider.

Do you baulk at how much you pay for health insurance despite rarely using it?

Are you concerned that your circumstances have changed and you may no longer be adequately covered?

It could be time to switch. Health Insurance Comparison makes finding the right health cover so easy.

Common gripes about organising health cover

If someone suggested you look for a better health insurance provider today, would you use any of these excuses?

  • It’ll take too long: Comparing and switching is neither complicated nor time-consuming. Health Insurance Comparison does all the heavy lifting for you, and you can find a better provider in just a few minutes
  • I won’t really save much money: When switching with Health Insurance Comparison, our customers save an average of $380.79 on their new fund
  • I’ll have to deal with new waiting periods: If you switch to an equivalent or lower level of cover, you won’t have to serve any extra waiting periods.

The benefits of switching

Think about what you could get in return for just a few minutes spent comparing health insurance.

Cost savings, reduced stress and, best of all, no hassles dealing with insurance providers.

That’s right – our expert advisors scour the market for you and select the best funds from our trusted panel of insurers.

It really is so easy to compare and switch.

To get started, all you need to do is head to Health Insurance Comparison and enter your life stage and postcode.

Within a few minutes you’ll have a selection of the most appropriate best health cover options for your lifestyle.

Let the experts take care of all the hard work

We understand that life has a way of getting busy.

That means doing things like comparing health insurance can fall by the wayside, or get put in the ‘too-hard basket’ for being time-consuming and complicated.

That’s where Health Insurance Comparison makes your life easy.

We take the hassle and stress out of switching by taking care of all the boring paperwork between insurance providers.

Our expert Concierge Team will also manage the transfer to your new fund – meaning you don’t have to lift a finger.

Ready to get the right health insurance?

Switch now and we’ll do the heavy lifting for you.