Sponsored Goodness me! Who knew it was so easy being healthy?

Goodness me! Who knew it was so easy being healthy?

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It seems like everyone is jumping on board the health train these days and why wouldn’t you?

If it means that you’re living the best life you can, eating well and treating your body and mind with kindness, there can’t be anything wrong with that, right?


The biggest complaint most people make when it comes to eating healthy is not knowing exactly what food is good for them, and what isn’t.

There are so many hidden nasties on the supermarket shelves that it can be daunting trying to decide which products to take home and which ones to leave behind.

That’s where the GoodnessMe Box comes in. The GoodnessMe Box was created by Peta Shulman who discovered that natural, wholesome foods helped her take control of her health.

She wanted others to learn how to nourish their bodies and to let them in on a little secret – “when you treat your body with LOVE, it feels pretty spectacular!”

It’s Good To Be Natural

So why should you make healthy eating part of your lifestyle, rather than a fad? The answer is pretty simple.

Natural food is packed full of nutrients and antioxidants – and this supports your health.

Eating a diet that’s rich in nutrition will not only make you feel better inside, it can also help prevent obesity, diabetes, heart attack and stroke, among many other ailments.

Not only that, but natural food is better for the environment. The less chemicals, the better the food is for your body and the planet.

And there’s no doubt that natural foods taste a whole lot better than additives and preservatives!

By choosing products that are natural, GMO-free, MSG and HCFS free, as well as being clear from any food additives, synthetic trans fats, and artificial colours, preservatives and sweeteners; you’re doing your body and lifestyle justice.

Choosing A Natural Lifestyle

Working out what foods to eat when you want to go natural can be difficult, but the GoodnessMe Box provides you with a range of healthy options to test each month.

If you like them, you can then go into your local supermarket and stock up! Here’s a few reasons why GoodnessMe Boxes are great for your health:

Tailored To Suit: When you first sign up for GoodnessMe boxes, you need to put in all your details, including your food preferences.

That’s so the company can tailor your box to suit. GoodnessMe take your likes and dislikes into account and tailor your box to suit you. How amazing is that!

Boxes can be tailored for the following dietary requirements:

– Vegan,

– Dairy Free

– Gluten Free

– Dairy and Gluten Free

Run By Professionals: To ensure they are providing the best quality foods, all products are run through a super strict GMB ethically wholesome and GMO-free test.

Not only that, but the company works with nutritionists, psychologists and GPs to ensure you’re getting what you pay for.

Variety: Each month, your GoodnessMe Box arrives at your doorstep and it’s packed full of tasty treats.

The best part though, is that no two months are ever the same and you’ll receive up to 10 products and samples in each delivery.

Oh, and did we mention how delicious everything is?

Take care of your health. Go natural, and your body will thank you for it.