Sponsored Takeout tips: matching thai food with wine

Takeout tips: matching thai food with wine

The diverse flavours of Thai cuisine offer many exciting possibilities for the perfect wine match. Photo: Wine Selectors
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From sweet to sour, salty to spicy, Thai food offers a flavour explosion that Australians love.

Most of our major towns and cities have a great selection of Thai takeaway restaurants, making it one of our favourite go-to cuisines, whether it’s a quiet night in or a party with friends.

The breadth of flavours makes wine matching an exciting proposition too, with lots of great combinations to sample.

To make your next Thai take out night a tasting extravaganza, follow our wine matching guide for pairings with some of the top Thai menu choices.

A spicy prawn soup is a delight with light, aromatic white wine styles. Photo: Wine Selectors


This aromatic and deceptively spicy dish will be balanced perfectly with a fragrant wine with generous fruit flavours and crisp acidity.

Best matched with: Light and aromatic whites
Our tip: Try a Gewürztraminer, off-dry Riesling, or Rosé

Pair the crunch of spring rolls with a Sparkling or zesty, dry white wine style. Photo: Wine Selectors


A wine with zesty acidity and a zippy mouthfeel is perfect with the crispy crunch of a spring roll.

Best matched with: Sparkling or dry whites
Our tip: We suggest a Sparkling wine, dry (young) Riesling, or Pinot Grigio

Dry white wines with a bit of zest go best with the flavours of Pad Thai. Photo: Wine Selectors


Choose a zesty white with loads of yellow fruit depth and no oak influence to accompany this flavoursome dish.

Best matched with: Dry whites

Our tip: Pair with a Riesling (slightly aged) or Arneis, Fiano

The fragrant mix of flavours found in Thai beef salad pair wonderfully with aromatic whites. Photo: Wine Selectors


A dry and crisp wine with bright fruit freshness is ideal with the fragrant mix of chilli, herbs and crisp vegetables in this salad.

Best matched with: Rosé or aromatic whites
Our tip: Dry Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc, or Grüner Veltliner

Balance the spice of a chicken green curry with a sweeter, fruity white wine style. Photo: Wine Selectors


This spicy dish will be offset perfectly with a white variety with generous fruity sweetness, but fresh citrussy acidity to balance it all out.

Best matched with: Medium white and textural whites

Our tip: Go for an off-dry Riesling, Verdelho or Chardonnay

Looking for great all-rounders to match with a Thai feast? We suggest Sparkling with dishes featuring flavours like lemongrass and basil – just avoid chilli, as the bubbles may over-accentuate the spiciness.

Sweeter-styled Rosé is another great choice, especially the with spicy dishes. Or, if you’re looking at a spicy seafood dish, the sweeter notes of an off-dry Riesling make for a fantastic match.

Still hungry for more?

Head over to our friends at Wine Selectors to explore more top food and wine pairings, from takeout temptations to home-cooked feasts!

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