Sponsored Expert tips on the perfect wines for winter!

Expert tips on the perfect wines for winter!

Nothing beats a glass of quality wine by the fire when the cold rolls in. Photo: Wine Selectors
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Honestly, is there a better season than winter to get cosy with a glass of glorious wine?

In case you needed convincing, Adam Walls – wine show judge and expert on all things vino from Wine Selectors – gives us the lowdown on why winter and wine are the perfect combination … and what the best styles are to kick back with on a cold winter night.

When it comes to winter it’s all about comfort.

And if you’re a wine lover, the heavier red wines are hard to beat.

Take Cabernet. I find drinking a glass of quality Cabernet Sauvignon is the wine equivalent of pulling on your favourite woollen jumper – its fruit intensity and robust tannins make it very easy to forget all about the cold outside.

Another winter star is Shiraz, which really does come into its own over the cooler months.

Its delicious fruit weight and notes of spice make it a no-brainer to pour in your glass when sitting down to a hearty beef stew, or a night of Netflix and chill.

Consider the alternatives …

It’s not just the big, classic reds that are a match made in heaven for winter wine-downs, though.

New wave or alternative varieties have been steadily gaining in popularity with Australian drinkers, and it’s easy to see why – it’s hard to top a Tempranillo when the temperature starts to drop.

Tempranillo’s depth of black fruit flavour is just the beginning.

A delightful tannin backbone injects body and richness into this Spanish favourite, and with its hints of spice and tea leaf, it all adds up to a wine that is not only deeply pleasurable to enjoy on its own, but with food also.

In fact, its versatility with food is one of its superpowers, making it ideal to pair with everything from tapas to Mexican, and even spicy seafood dishes.

I always make sure to have a few bottles on hand for when winter comes around.

Australian Muscat is like no other wine in the world, and simply perfect for winter. Photo: Wine Selectors

Chardonnay charm and must-have Muscat

Winter doesn’t always mean breaking out the reds, though.

With its medium to full-bodied weight and wonderful flavours of peach, grapefruit and melon, Chardonnay has almost endless winter appeal.

I find its alluring mix of elegance and fruit power a real winner when sipping on a cheeky winter wine by the fire.

Sweet and luxurious, you mustn’t overlook Muscat.

With its extra weight and gentle warmth, it’s a great wine to kick back with after a filling meal.

Full of dried fruits, sweet spice, caramel and grilled nut notes, it’s a winter wonderland in a glass.

But really, anything goes when it comes to drinking wine in winter – so long as it soothes your soul in some way, you’re heading in the right direction!


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