Sponsored The best wines to pair with slow-cooked meals

The best wines to pair with slow-cooked meals

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Winter is the season of the one-pot wonder, a wonderfully hassle-free way to prepare a delicious, savoury meal that is ideal for families and good for the soul especially when matched with a big, flavoursome wine!

You simply can’t beat the rich flavours that develop over a number of hours on the stove, not to mention the delightful aromas that drift from the kitchen to fill the house on a cold winter’s day – it’s an approach to cuisine that really does warm the heart and home.

Read on to discover the best wines to match with those wonderful, slow-cooked flavours!


Beef bourguignon is just one more thing we have to thank the French for. Photo: Wine Selectors

Few things can compare with the fragrance of a pot of garlic and wine-infused beef, simmering away from morning till dusk.

This delicious, slow-cooked French classic shows deep and complex flavours that are best paired with a wine that shows similar attributes.

For this reason, we like it with Pinot Noir, creating a flavour combination that’s more than the sum of its parts.

Prefer a white wine? Try a full-bodied Chardonnay.


A delicious tagine brings the flavours of North Africa to your table. Photo: Wine Selectors

Healthy and bursting with flavour yet not heavy or overly rich, a classic Moroccan vegetable tagine is an absolute delight when enjoyed with medium-bodied, unoaked white styles like Fiano or Vermentino thanks to their complementary textures.

Richer-style or aged whites like Riesling are also superb companions to this essential North African dish.


Another timeless French classic, Coq Au Vin is the perfect dish for a wine pairing. Photo: Wine Selectors

A French staple where the chicken is slow-cooked in wine with mushrooms and other delectables (the name literally means ‘rooster in wine’), Coq au Vin is best matched with a light red like Grenache, or rich Chardonnay for a pairing that – like the best one pot meals –  is so, so much greater than the sum of its parts.

For an all-rounder, you can’t beat the food-friendly nature of Rosé with this dish.


Try osso bucco for an Italian classic that is rich and satisfying. Photo: Wine Selectors

Osso bucco is an Italian slow-food superstar packed with flavour.

Textural and complex, it’s ideal to enjoy with wines that share similar attributes.

Our suggestion – go with medium-weight, savoury reds like Barbera, Sangiovese or Tempranillo for the ultimate flavour experience.


Mouth-wateringly tender and positively dripping with flavour, lamb shanks are the ideal winter meal. Photo: Wine Selectors

A genuine slow-cooked sensation, braised lamb shanks is a much-loved dish that lends itself to the more tannic red varieties, as the tannins give a nice, robust foundation to balance fattier cuts of meat.

The high tannins in Cabernet Sauvignon make for a match made in heaven with this tender, slow-cooked lamb favourite.

There you have it – your ultimate starter to pairing slow-cooked food and wine.

Set the stove to low, pour yourself a glass … and prepare your palate for a winter feast like no other.

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