Sponsored HBF: The not-for-profit health insurer standing out from the crowd

HBF: The not-for-profit health insurer standing out from the crowd

HBF: the not-for-profit health insurer standing out from the crowd. Photo: HBF
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Many Australians, especially those experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19, are asking ‘Can I afford to keep my health insurance?’

If you’re a member of not-for-profit health fund HBF, the decision is simple. Yes.

HBF, a West Aussie born-and-bred fund, stands out from the crowd in more ways than one.

With almost 80 years’ experience looking after the health of its members in the moments that matter, it knows the health system inside out.

Not only is it marking territory on the east coast with the cheeky quokkas telling Australians not to settle for “a quokka s–t”, its support measures to keep health insurance as affordable as possible during these challenging times are the real deal.

In March, HBF became Australia’s only major health fund to make the extraordinary move to completely cancel its 2020 premium increase, setting itself apart from all other major funds that just postponed their increase until October.

Even before this decision, HBF’s planned average premium increase for 2020 had been just 1.98 per cent – significantly lower than the now-postponed average increases of Medibank, Bupa, HCF and nib.

Thanks to HBF’s bold decision, its members will save an average of $75 per HBF policy and won’t need to worry about another premium increase until at least April.

On top of this, HBF has gone to great lengths to come up with some generous COVID-19 hardship support measures for members experiencing financial stress as a result of the pandemic.

This has included offering complimentary cover and policy suspensions for members experiencing financial hardship which, as well as the fund’s coverage for certain telehealth extras services, will be in place until at least December 31.

HBF chief executive John Van Der Wielen believes HBF is one of Australia’s best-kept secrets; staying true to its original purpose and taking care of its members – even in challenging times such as these.

“We know that many Australians were feeling jaded when it comes to health insurance, even before the pandemic. They’re worried about affordability, anxious about out-of-pocket costs, and are feeling less than loved by some of the other big insurers,” John says.

“I believe our role as a health insurer is important in more ways than one. It’s times like this when organisations like HBF are able to show what being a not-for-profit business, that puts the interests of members first, really means.”

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