Sponsored Making Friday night fun and easy

Making Friday night fun and easy

Make Friday night fun and easy with the Australian Venue Company Photo: Australian Venue Company
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Look around your workplace and name one person who doesn’t look forward to the end of the week and unwinding on Friday night.

Yep, either they don’t exist, or you’ve found one of those unique creatures that are as rare as hen’s teeth, who actually love slaving away all week!

For the rest of us, our Friday night freedom is a hard-won luxury that is often the highlight of the week, but there are times when things don’t go as planned and this can make your Friday night feel like a failure.

Thankfully, we have listed all the ways that can make your Friday night fun, easy and rewarding. Here’s how:

Reign in your expectations

If you’ve ever hyped yourself up about a night out or event and then felt let down because it wasn’t what you expected, welcome to the very large club!

Usually, the best nights out are planned later in the week or happen rather spontaneously, meaning you don’t have days or weeks to build huge expectations.

The best nights out usually happen rather spontaneously.

The only problem with doing things this way is that you’ll often find it difficult to find good venues on the fly.

Sure, you can just take the chance and turn up at the closest bar or club and hope for the best, but the easier way of doing things is to use Australian Venue Co, check out which close by venues are pumping and book into one.

You can choose between a huge range of venue types for a simple night out, such as pubs/bars, bistros, nightclubs, beer gardens, cocktail/wine bars, rooftops/terraces, sports pubs, restaurants and so much more.

Dress for comfort

You’ll want to dress to impress for a night out, but if you’re expecting to be out for longer than an hour, don’t let fashion win over comfort.

Sure, those super-high stilettos might make you look gorgeous, but you’ll regret wearing them by the end of the night (if you can manage to keep them on for that long!).

Instead, wear sturdy shoes and unrestrictive clothing in layers, so you can add or remove layers depending on how hot the dance floor gets.

Choose a great location

If you’ve invited all your BFFs and they live all across town, it might be difficult to choose a location that suits everyone.

You might also plan to meet up after work and want to find a venue that’s accessible to everyone’s workplace.

The Australian Venue Company can help you find the perfect location for your next night out.

Then again, maybe it’s time to try something new, so you might wonder how to find the perfect place within a specific area.

Thankfully, the above mentioned Australian Venue Co can help out. Just enter your location and the type of venue you’re looking for and the site does the rest!

Drink responsibly

You probably already know to eat before you drink, drink plenty of water between drinks and even add water to your drinks to help replenish lost moisture and prevent dehydration.

Ruining a great night out cause you are dehydrated isn’t worth it.

Leave the cash at home

If you bring cash, you’re just asking to lose it or overspend. Less stuff = fewer things to lose, so using payment apps on your device so that your phone is really all you need to bring is a great idea.

To make things even easier, you can download the Australian Venue Co App, which lets you order and pay for meals and drinks on the app.

Then you just head over to the bar and show the bartender your phone to receive them.

How cool is that? As a bonus, you’ll get a free $10 of credit when you first use the app and you can continue to earn freebies using the points system (10 points per dollar spent).

It’s a win-win that’s also a great way to keep your cash safe.

Don’t drive

You know not to drink and drive, so there’s absolutely no point in driving to your destination if you know you’ll be drinking, even if it’s only a little bit.

Leave the car at home and instead, walk, share a cab, Uber or public transport to and from your destination.

Have fun

The most important step to making your Friday night fun and easy is to keep it simple and let go of the stress of the week.

This means you’ll have fun, your friends will have fun and you’ll want to do it all over again next week!